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Tunisian Crochet

    Tunisian crochet is also called afghan crochet and strip crochet. The technique is worked with a specialized hook (afghan hook) which is a combination of a knitting needle and a crochet hook. It has a hook at one end and a knob, which acts as a stopper for the sts, at the other end. The hook used for Tunisian crochet is thick in proportion to the yarn.
    Tunisian crochet begins with a forward row in which the sts are worked onto the afghan hook and follows along with a return row in which the sts are worked off the hook. A pattern row or set consists of a forward row and a return row; the crochetwork is not turned.
    There are countless variations, some of which are described on the following. Tunisian crochet can also be worked with two yarn ends, either with a double-headed hook or with the usual single-headed hook.
    As mentioned, Tunisian crochet is usually worked in rows but it can also be worked in rounds.


Holding the crochet hook for Tunisain crochet.

Casting on

    Beg with a ch, sk the ch st nearest the hook and inster the hook into the next st, YO and draw the yanr through so that there is 1 st more on the hook. Continue working 1 st in every ch st. When the forward row is complete there should be the same number of sts on the hook as there were ch sts.
    Return row: YO and draw the yarn through the first st, * YO and draw the yarn through the next 2 sts *. Rep from * to * until only 1 st remains. This st will be come the first st of the next row.
    The pattern set is complete and is composed of a horizontal cross ch within the verticals sts.


The first rowo is always worked on a fondation row of chains.


First row return.


Second row forward.

Standard Tunisian crochet

    Forward row: Insert the hook into the vertical st, YO and draw the yarn through. Continue across the row. The last st is the edge st.
    Return Row: Work as described in the paragraph under "Casting on".


Casting off the chani stitch.


Plain Tunisian Crochet


    Horizontal Buttonholes
    On the forward row, cast on tohe number of sts to make the buttonhole the desired width, and skip the same number of sts. The return row is worked as usual

    Vertical Buttonholes
    To work a vertical buttonhole, divide the piece into sections, working both sides of the buttonhole separately until the buttonhole has reached the required height. Between buttonholes, the row is worked as a whole.

Leveling off an uneven edge

    Sloping edges, such as those at a shoulder or neck edge, can be leveled off with an extra pattern set in which the forward row is worked into each vertical st and the return row is worked as usual.


    Pieces worked in Tunisian crochet are usually finished with a forward row of sl sts worked into the vertical sts.


    Single st dec can be done by sk sts in the forward row or by working 2 vertical sts tog.
    When dec several sts per side, work the right side in sl st for the required number of sts. On the left side dec by omitting the desired number of sts


    Inc by 1 st on the vertical sts by casting on a new st on the cross ch between 2 vertical sts.
    Inc by 1 st on the cross sts by casting on new st on the vertical sts. In both cases the return row is worked as usual.
    When inc by several sts per side, work the desired number of ch sts onto the right side using these to work the new sts on the next forward row. The same principle applies as when casting on, sk the st  nearest the hook at the beg of the forward row.

Sample with inc and dec at the sides

    Ch 2, work 1 forward row ( =2 sts on the hook) and 1 return row. In the next forward row inc by 1 st on the cross ch between the 2 sts (= 3 sts on the hook). Work the return row as usual. Thereafter inc by 1 st on the cross ch aftger the first and before the last sts (edge sts) during the forwar rows, working the return rows in the usual way.

    Sk the second and the next to last sts (vertical sts) on the forwar row and work return rows as usual.


Increasing and decreasing several stitches at each side.

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Leveling off an uneven edge


Casting on new stitches at the left side. Also used for making buttonholes.


Increasing at left side with an extra fondation of chain stitches.

Increases and decreases at the side.

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