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Varuna: Bush & the Republicans

JB Armstrong

Check out Varuna: Good or Bad? (sketches for the interpretation of a new planet), by Denis Kutalyov, to learn more about possible mundane readings on Varuna. Here is a good link to the first stories out on the planet Varuna 2001.

Also, here's the Varuna orbit (within Pluto's orb). And this is a link to the size of the newly discovered trans-Neptunian bodies, relative to Pluto. Livia Giacomini details the naming process, and gives further astronomical data on the discovery of 2000 WR106, the largest trans neptunian object.

There's plenty Hindu mythology about Varuna (one of the Vedic gods) too; here's a nice overview, and try Stephen T. Naylor's article for more in-depth review; also, The Hymns of the Rigveda mentions the god in Varuna and Indra.

This article looks into the ties between Varuna, and its ties with the Republican Party & George Bush:

First, there are three charts for the Republican Party; one is in Jackson MI, the other two are in Ripon WI.

On February 28, 1854 (chart) Maj. Alvan E. Bovay (born on July 12, 1818 in Jefferson County, N.Y.) called a meeting in the Congregational Church of Ripon, Wisconsin. Out of that meeting came a resolution: a new party, to be named the Republican Party, would be formed if the Kansas-Nebraska (pro-slavery) bill passed. This date is recognized on page 446 of the 2002 World Almanac as the founding of the Republican Party.

The second date, March 20, 1854, is from an old schoolhouse of Ripon which bears the proud legend, 'Birthplace of the Republican Party.' Following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska bill, this marks the first actual Republican organization: Debate lasted until "the hour was late and the candles burned low. It was a cold, windy night at the vernal equinox. But in the end all but two or three gave in and we formed our organization."

For both Ripon dates then, the impetus is that here the Republican name made its first considerate steps toward a name for the new party. Many other names were being considered, in other places, for like-minded efforts, but this was the birth of the one that stuck. By 1856, the Republican Party was organized nationally. Some like to say the party was born in Ripon and christened in Jackson. Even earlier, Bovay had suggested in 1852 to New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley that a new party -- formed of disaffected Democrats, Whigs and Free-Soilers -- take Republican as its name: Urge them to forget political names and organization, and to band together under the name I suggested to you at Lovejoys' Hotel in 1852... I mean the name republican.

The GOP themselves claim the July 6, 1854 date (chart). In Jackson, Mich., the Republican Party formally organized itself by holding its first convention, adopting a platform and nominating a full slate of candidates for state offices. The crowd was so great, it could not be held in the town's largest hall. The business of the party had to be conducted in a grove of oaks near the county race track. Other states soon followed, and the first Republican candidate for president, John C. Frémont, ran in 1856. Wolfstar has a good article, though dated to 1999, on the GOP; he goes with the July 6th chart, The Astrology of the Republican Party.

All of the charts have a strong grounding of Neptunian-like zeal. Of Abraham Lincoln himself, it is said by Marc Edmond Jones: “Abraham Lincoln was thirty-seven years old when the planet Neptune was discovered (1846), and it was then that his life began to fall into place once and for all.” The February 28th chart finds 5 planets in Pisces, including a Sun, Neptune, and Rx Venus stellium. The vernal equinox chart, an angry declaration in the face of slavery advancing across the plains, finds Mars as the only planet above the horizon that night, near the MH; the Moon conjunct Varuna is in the first house, and Neptune, grounding the chart in that zeal, conjuncts the IC. In the July chart, the Sun is closely trine to Neptune in Pisces “which evokes a spiritual or religious agenda”, according to Wolfstar. This 7/6/1856 chart is the one referred to below (though for the purposes of Varuna, such a slow moving body, all three of the charts apply).

What's Varuna like?

One analogy is that Varuna is like those checks we get in the mail from the credit card companies. It's like free money out of nowhere. But it's got a long-term memory up its sleeve, and the bank comes calling at some point down the line. Varuna gives and then it takes it all back. The nodes work in a similar way, with the north incoming, the south out going. In fact, the earth itself works this way with magnetic fields pulling in and then pushing outward. It’s best to just take a pass usually; can you take that free thing and pay the piper later on? Sometimes, the gamble works out well; other times, it puts us deeper in the hole.

Bush, Republicans, and Varuna

18-21 Sag: Emerging Democrats Confront Bush should be read as a precursor to what follows. The GOP has their natal Varnua at this 19' Sag point, conjunct Bush's South node, which Pluto is transiting. Varuna right now in transit, is at 13 Cancer, conjunct the GOP's natal Sun, which is also Bush's Sun.

For Bush, Varuna brings out his martial qualities in a unique manner. Similar to Lincoln, whose life only took hold when Neptune became discovered. Bush came to power in 2000, when Varuna was discovered. In Bush's natal chart, he has Varuna conjunct his mid-heaven at 27 Aries. This is exactly square his natal Saturn, at 27 Cancer, and lays the basis for being triggered from Saturn, Pluto, and Varuna transits. Bush's Pluto is conjunct Mercury on the Ascendant. When Bush speaks from the perspective of revenge, he is most clear; and hence, what he sees as his own special calling, became crystallized for him on 9/11.

On September 11th, 2001, Jupiter was exactly conjunct Varuna, atop Bush's and the USA's Sun. Pluto, at 13' Sagittarius was conjunct the USA ascendant, inconjunct from Varuna/Jupiter at the MH. It was as if Manifest Destiny became triggered for Bush to see-- a Global War on Terrorism became his and the followers religious zeal. Since then, Bush and the Republicans have used 9/11 toward their own gain & glory. The warmongers got their calling using the patriotism via the USA Sun; it's been very powerful to confront head on, especially given the media's driving coverage.

They've all become obsessed (along with some Democrats who just want to get it over with-- as if it ends) with a global militaristic rampage that does little but exacerbate global terrorism, and a lot to agitate liberty-minded opposition within the US.

Upcoming, Saturn is going to conjoin Varuna atop the Republicans (and Bush's and the USA's) Sun; and Pluto is going to conjoin the Republicans Varuna (and Bush's south node). That's when & how the bill comes due.

In 2003, Saturn will conjunct Varuna on that ~13' Cancer point, manifesting as restriction for Bush and the Republicans Sun; and transiting Pluto in 2004 will conjunct Bush's south node at 19'-20' Sagittarius, meaning that the rules will no longer be his own creation (opposite north node conjunct Uranus), but his undoing. For Bush, that his south node is in his 5th (the house of games), means he needs to let go of winning, or else Pluto is going to show him what it looks like to lose.

With transiting Pluto atop the Republicans Varuna conjunct Bush's south node, they want to up the stakes to a global level, manifest World War III or Armageddon; but the Democrats progressed Sun is also there, which means that their own 'life' will be threatened. The Democrats will work through Saturn conjoining Varuna in transit (the present) to restrict the Republicans invasionary policy, offering a more global perspective.

Dec 10 @ 4:06 PM | TrackBack

Mr./MS Armstrong- Do you see the republican party dead to the presidency at any point? I feel a new moderate conservative party will emerge, free of the religious right. Thank You, Janelle K.

Posted by: Janelle Kirkpatrick on December 11, 2002 03:11 PM

Bush is going to destroy something, and there are a few options, the Republican Party certainly being one of them.

He could destroy the world (his Mars astrocatography line is in the ME, and maybe he 'projects' a nuclear bomb there), he could destroy himself with the bottle (Cancer ingress of Saturn in his 12th), he could destroy the Democratic Party by their fellated ways (south node conjunct the Dems pro. Sun), he could destroy the USA as we've known it (GOP/USA/Bush sun conjunct transited by Varuna/Saturn), into some sort of dictoral regime.

Basically, the guys got a competitive timebomb ticking up his butt, and he's gonna shit it out on someone, or explode (because he certainly isn't up to transforming-- though a transmigration is possible), Lincoln too was 57, and they may be the bookends of the neptunian play.

The Republican Party having their Varuna conjunct Bush's South node, which Pluto is going to transit, certainly means they are fair game for the Dems progressed Sun to eliminate (or vis versa).

Yes, a moderate party is a strong possibility. I had thought for some time that the Uranus transit across the USA's moon protended such a thing. Uranus at 25 Aquarius right now, the USA Moon at 27'12, that could spark some sort of "independence" movement in the US Senate (where I think it may have to begin).

The strong undercurrent to remember here, is that Bush and the Republicans have the US under a Neptunian spell, and that will break at some point-- and the indications are that it's before the 2004 elections.

Posted by: jerome on December 11, 2002 09:34 PM

Thank you for your response, Jerome.

Posted by: Janelle Kirkpatrick on December 12, 2002 03:39 PM

Hi, Jerome,

What is your take on Uranus' entrance into Pisces where "propaganda" Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus will then be in mutual reception? Do you think that will help break the spell (Uranus/shattering) or enhance what we see now as an Orwellian jump into "newspeak" and obfuscating reference to "religion" masquerading as foreign policy?

Also, since Uranus at 1 Pisces (March 2003) is the Uranus return of its position in the chart for the Formation of the Nazi Party, will a resurgence of a Hitleresque/Moussalini style fascism in the USA and in Western Europe (France, Germany) mean that people will finally wake up from this nightmare?

Best wishes,

Posted by: Claudia Dikinis on December 17, 2002 07:03 PM

Both, and we'll have to see which comes out ahead.

On the mutual reception of Neptune and Uranus, I've been thinking alot lately of the conjunction of these two in Capricorn that happened about a decade ago, and we need to begin there to understand what's unfolding from that cyclycal impetus. And if you'll recall, Saturn conjuncted those two planets as well there-- the mundane trifecta of this era.

I want to look in-depth at this transit of Saturn, which is in perhelion as it blasts through the USA's bucket, as it first opposses that Capricorn conjunction point, then Neptune, and then finally Uranus by 2008. We can see form being given to the impetus, but also the old ways try and hold back change.

As I pointed out in the "USA & 2003" thread, it seems now that the Uranus conjunct the USA's Moon has to do with returning freedom to the people, with power, via the internet, which is really coming into form now.

It's not a stretch to trace the whole internet back to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, most of the reading there, it being in Capricorn, related it to business, and that's definetely occurred with Saturn, and quickly; but Uranus and Neptune have a different agenda.

This medium is in the very earliest stage of development. Typed-script is likely to give way to spoken-word, and then real-time face debate and intercourse, that's the freedom path we are headed toward.There is a shadow to this happening, isn't it odd that the internet grew out of the military?

Yep, I would consider that Uranus in Pisces gives another chance to nip this in the bud before it goes down that path again.

You ever read William Irwin Thompson? He talks about how, when the new forms of communication break out, the fundamentalist will attempt to hijack them, and use them to attempt to remain in power. I can't find the article online, but a reference to it below, isn't that an apt description of the Republicans attempt to "Use the War to Take Back the Culture" strategy?

Ventura, Michael. 1986. "Over the Edge of History with William Irwin Thompson." Utne Reader. June/July. Excerpted from the Los Angeles Weekly December 13, 1985.

"So I don't think the fundamentalists are going to stop anything. They can't, in fact, because fundamentalists tend to encourage their opposites. They're afraid of getting caught with the old technology, so they fling themselves into the new technology, hoping they can control it with their old ideology...."

Posted by: Jerome on December 18, 2002 10:57 AM

I have also been thinking about what the mutual reception means between Uranus and Neptune. It seems to me that we may have just got a taste of it with the Lott fiasco. What is hidden (Neptune and pisces)from our past is suddenly and unexpectedly (uranus and aquarius) brought to light which leads to progressive reform (Uranus and aquarius).
I'm hoping that all the secrets that the Bush administration has been hiding will suffer such a fate.

Posted by: Stephanie on December 21, 2002 10:46 AM
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