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"It's unfreaking believable." -PS Extreme

"TD6 is art in motion." - GamePro

"Test Drive 6 will satisfy your need for speed..." - GamePro

"Running from the cops, catching air, or just having a good time- it's
all there in Test Drive 6."
- Daily Radar

The Ultimate Thrill Ride!

Mild Language

Box ArtTest Drive is back and better than ever . . . Check This Out! Try a Lotus GT-1 on for size. How about a Dodge Viper GTS? Does the Shelby Series 1 have what it takes to satisfy? Strap into the Plymouth Prowler or Jaguar XKR to get your thrills. Test Drive muscle and speed with cars from Dodge, Plymouth, Macros, TVR, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Subaru, Caterham, Nissan, Audi, Venturi, Panoz, Lotus, Shelby, Toyota, and Ford.



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Here is your chance to test drive some of the hottest cars
around with the Test Drive 6 demo!
Click here to download the demo. -27.6mb


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