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  Crafting System Overhaul Nov 30 2001 4:36PM CST  

Several updates and changes will occur that will eventually affect all of Ultima Online’s crafting systems. The goals of these changes include: creating a consistent interface for all crafting skills, allowing the player to understand a greater level of detail about his crafting activities, greater CPU efficiency, and adaptability & expandability as crafting systems are modified at later dates. The following skills will be affected by these changes:

  • Alchemy
  • Bowcraft/Fletching
  • Blacksmithy
  • Carpentry
  • Cartography
  • Cooking
  • Inscription
  • Tailoring
  • Tinkering

The specifics are listed below.

All crafting skills will be able to be invoked by double-clicking a related tool. All tools must be equipped or in the character’s backpack in order for them to be used.

  • Bowcraft/Fletching will use “fletcher’s tools.” (This tool will appear as the “arrow fletching” graphic.)
  • Cartography will use a “mapmaker’s pen.” (This tool will appear as the “pen and ink” graphic.)
  • Cooking will use a “skillet,” “sifter,” or “rolling pin.” (These tools will appear as the “frying pan,” “flour sifter,” and “rolling pin,” respectively.)
  • Inscription will use a “scribe’s pen.” (This tool will appear as the reversed “pen and ink” graphic.)

All materials must be in the character’s backpack for them to be used. No materials will need to be targeted; materials will automatically be sought for in the character’s backpack whenever a crafting attempt is made.

When the materials being used to create an item are within one container, then the resulting item will be created within that same container. Otherwise, when the materials come from different subcontainers, then the resulting item will go directly into the character’s backpack (and not within any subcontainer).

When tailoring, if a character has more than one color of cloth in her backpack, the player will be prompted to target the cloth to use. Otherwise, the item is made using whatever cloth is available.

There is a “multi-make” feature in this system, which will allow certain items to be made in large quantities with one success. When successful, all available related materials in the character’s backpack will automatically be used; there will be no option to choose the quantity of items being “multi-made.” Skill gain, where applicable, will be based on the number of items made and not the single “multi-make” success.

The items which use the “multi-make” feature are:

  • Cooking stacks of meat
  • Creating arrows
  • Creating crossbow bolts
  • Turning bolts of cloth into cut cloth
  • Turning logs into boards

Maps will be able to be drawn upon either blank maps or blank scrolls using the cartography skill.

The copying of in-game books is not included in this crafting system. Players may continue to copy books using the “old” interface. The creating of “clean bandages” is also not included here, and players will be able to continue making them with scissors.

Characters will continue to be able to use Tinkering to create gems-based jewelry — however, changes to the crafting system will disallow creation of such items as a "million diamonds necklace," in two specific ways. This first relates to being able to craft with resources only available in one's pack — in the case of the diamonds, only 4000 diamonds can be put into one's backpack (leaving the character weighing 414 stone in total). The second involves fixing a bug wherein the new item was incorrectly named after the stack of diamonds, and not after the one diamond that was used in the creation of the piece of jewelry.

Some item skill requirements may change slightly. All crafting skill delays will be one second.

All crafting skills will use a universal menu system. This menu system will be similar in both the 2D and 3D version of the UO client. Only one crafting system window can be open at any one time.

  • The “gump” window will be 50% transparent, with a dark background and bright text.
  • The top bar of this window will show the skill name.
  • The left bar of this window will show:
    • A “Last 10” list. This list will display the 10 most recent usages of that skill, allowing quick access to those usages.
    • Up to 10 categories of items which that skill may create.
  • The main area of this window will show:
    • A selection list, one item per row.
    • Two buttons per selection:
      • “Make Now”: left-click to attempt to create the respective item immediately
      • “More Info”: left-click to bring up a “Details Window” related to the listed item.
    • The item’s name (note: the graphic for that item will not display here, but will display in the “Details Window”).
    • Up to 10 items per page, up to 10 pages per category.
  • A “Notifications” area will show information that would normally appear in the “system message” area of the gameplay window.
  • The “Buttons” area will display a subset of buttons appropriate to the skill/tool being used.
    • “Exit”: appears on all skill menus. Left-click to close the menu. (Note: any menu window may be still be closed by right-clicking that window)
    • “Make Last”: appears on all skill menus. Acts as if “Make Now” was clicked on the first item in the “Last 10” list.
    • “Metal Selection”: appears only for skills that use ingots as components for craftable items.
      • Players may choose which metal color to use. This will eliminate the need for players to specifically target materials, and eliminate the possibility of using the wrong metal type.
      • The system will only consider metals of the selected color in metal-using crafting attempts.
      • A “Details Window” will indicate if an item retains the color of the metal used.
    • “Mark Item”: appears for most skills; controls the automation of Maker’s Marks on crafted items that allow for such marks. Left-clicking this button will toggle through three options:
      • “Do Not Mark”: the Maker’s Mark will never be put on crafted items while this is selected.
      • “Always Mark”: the Maker’s Mark will always be affixed to exceptional-quality crafted items while this is selected.
      • “Prompt for Mark”: the player is prompted for a Maker’s Mark whenever an exceptional item is crafted while this is selected.
    • “Repair Item”: appears only on the Blacksmithy menu. Players may left-click this button, then target a weapon or piece of armor to attempt to repair that item.
    • “Unravel Item”: appears only for Blacksmithy (as “Smelt Item”) and Tailoring (as “Unravel Item”) menus only.
      • Allows blacksmiths to smelt weapons and armor down into ingots.
      • Allows tailors to disassemble leather armor back into cut hides.
  • When using a craft, the crafting window will close, the creation will be attempted, and the crafting window will reopen.
    • Upon re-opening, the crafting window will display the results of the crafting attempt.
    • The window will include the details of any success or failure messages.