USGS Censors More Mapping Data Depicting Oil Development Scenario in Area 1002

The United States Geological Survey has removed cartographic information depicting an oil development scenario in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the:

Alaska Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Public Website

Specifically the data in question was located under the link: and depicted roads and oil well locations in a GIS format (Geographic Information System)

Fortunately a preview image (but not the actual GIS data) was saved before the removal (shown below):

It can be assumed that the above image depicts a reasonable "best-guess" scenario for the future location of oil wells and roads in Area 1002 should oil exploitation be allowed to proceed. Please note the high degree of correlation with the most important highest density caribou calving areas depicted below:

Unfortunately, the removal of this information is not an isolated incident. Defenders of Wildlife has documented many other examples. Please read the Important Related Story on Censorship of other Public Information about the Arctic National Wildlfe Refuge

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