Pennsylvania's Best and Worst County Chairs


The Best

Frank Bartle

Montgomery County GOP

It's not easy to balance so many competing interests and personalities.  Bartle handles it all in stride, and lets Asher be Asher. Demographic changes have made Montco more competitive for Democrats but Bartle still finds a way to keep it together and win some big elections (most recently, state Representative Wally Brooks).

Bob Brady

Philadelphia Democrats

Nothing happens in Philly without Brady knowing about it and signing off on it. He's the consummate 'backroom politician' (and we say that with respect!). Better than anyone, he can bring competing Democratic factions together and get results. Maybe the best county chairman in the state.

John Cordisco

Bucks County Democrats

Although just elected, Cordisco brings what one operative described as a 'new sense of optimism' to weary Bucks County Democrats.Wins the Most Likely to Succeed award. Has a chance to prove himself this year with two open state House seats and a hot Kostmayer-Tomlinson Senate battle.

Doyle Corman

Centre County GOP

The Godfather of the Centre County GOP. The former State Senator is helping to make the Corman name one of the most respected political families in Pennsylvania.


Cambria County GOP

A tough county for any Republican, Gleason still expects results and gets them. A major player in GOP statewide politics, the sage of Cambria brings in money and gets things done. And he's smart enough to forge relationships (i.e. Murtha) where it can help the GOP.

Marcel Groen

Montgomery County Democrats

A strong and creative leader. This hands-on chairman must remain at the top of his game to keep the Montco GOP nervous... and he does. Scored a big win in last year's state Senate special election with Connie Williams.

Tom Judge

Delaware County GOP

McNichol is the power behind the throne, but Judge is the out-front leader of one of the strongest GOP organizations in the state. Judge can be tough, tough, tough.  Inspires fear and respect among both his enemies and allies. And he wins elections! Delco numbers are critical for GOP statewide candidates.

Joe Long

Northampton County Democrats

Energy, focus, commitment, and lots of promise. He benefits from the advice and support of one of the best Democratic political leaders, state Representative T.J. Rooney.

Gail McDermott

Cumberland County Democrats

In spite of the heavy Republican registration, McDermott has made significant gains electing Democrats at the local level. She allocates resources in such a way that she provides candidates the tools they need to get elected -- voter file, training, volunteers, and often times, good direct mail. 

John Mizner

Erie County GOP

Produces impressive results in a Democratic county, not to mention former Governor Tom Ridge and now Lt. Governor candidate Jane Earll. Clearly the leader of the Northwest GOP.

Linda Wormer

Monroe County GOP

Well liked and respected among many, Wormer is a hands-on Chair and has scored some big state House victories in recent elections. With the growth in Monroe, she'll be a bigger player in Lehigh Valley politics.


The Worst

Vic Stabile

Cumberland County GOP

Just plain doesn't get it. 

Cliff Wilson

Delaware County Democrats

Described by one top level Democrat as 'uncooperative, self-serving, unorganized, and unreasonable.'  Other comments weren't so nice.  Unquestionably the worst county Chairman in Pennsylvania.