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OpenGL Racing Game Programming - Jul 10 2002 02:13 GMT

foobar writes:

Update 2003-01-26
I am working on a game engine which I intend to use in a couple of projects. The engine is written in c++ and is in the very early stages. The first game to surface will most probably be an OpenGL racing game along the "Star Wars: Episode One Racer" theme. For the game to be at all playable it is going to need good tracks. If anyone is interested in building tracks for this game, or wish to contribute game models/textures, please contact me here. N.B. The game engine will be able to load .mdl and .md2 models, and possibly .md3.

This release (0.5) was intended to be the first and last release of the game, as I found it sitting around my hard drive, but I am working on making it actually playable, meaning almost a full rewrite. For this reason I will NOT be releasing any new versions until I feel the game is playable. Version 0.5 is BROKEN in many ways, as I explained, I wrote this when i was learning C. It is just a demonstration, so please do not email me to complain, constructive emails are always welcomed though,

I worked on this quite a bit last year when I was learning C and OpenGL, and recently rediscovered it and cleaned it up a bit. Its a Star Wars: Racer style game coded in pure C using OpenGL. This is an Alpha release, just a kind of tech demo really. You can race round and round to your hearts desire.

What Does it Look Like?

Screenshot of Version 0.5
Screenshot of Version 0.5

The current features and release info are documented in the README file.

You will NEED linux to compile this, or you can use CygWin in Windows to compile it (sorry windows people, Windows Binary coming soon).

There are a few dependancies which MUST be met for the game to compile. No friendly warnings will be given if you dont have them, so make sure you get them now:
* OpenGL (Graphics Card Vendor)
* SDL_image
* SDL_mixer

The following systems are known to work:
* Debian 3.0, x86, nvidia GL
* RedHat 7.2 & 7.3, x86, nvidia GL
* RedHat ?, Alpha, Unknown GL

Anyway, enough talk, just grab the file:

Disclaimer :)
Remember, this is TOTALLY unsupported and if it screws up your PC then tough.

by foobar

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