Excerpts from Down With Skool!

Its been a long time since Charles was at school and things have changed somewhat since then. However, in an attempt to recreate some of the atmosphere of those days we offer a few excerpts from Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Williams' Down With Skool!

"Headmasters are always very ferce and keep thousands of KANES chiz moan drone. With these they hound and persecute all boys who are super like sir galahad."
"With a croak of rage he grasped his kane and rolled out cursing in the name of Beelzebub. He gave six of the best to every boy on site but I am glad to say that the prunes were all drowned in the duckpond."

All excerpts from Down with Skool! written by Geoffrey Williams and illustrated by Ronald Searle. First published by Max Parrish, London 1953.

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