TravelMate non-invasive urinary products offer women new options!
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Made in the USA
TravelMate Urinary Products Overview
TravelMate™ non-invasive urinary devices enable females to easily pee through the fly of their pants while standing, or by attaching our medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer tubing and a collection bag, answer the call of nature while seated in a car, boat, or small aircraft.
Each 1” x 6” soft plastic TravelMate was designed to be environmentally responsible— meaning it can be rinsed and reused hundreds of times. In most cases TravelMate users find it unneccessary to wipe residual urine after urinating, making it a great item to bring along when clean restrooms and/or toilet paper are unavailable. Storage is a snap— slip the device into our denim or tapestry carrying case and it will use less room in your pocket or purse than a pair of sunglasses. Learn more about its award-winning design...
Avoid contact with public restroom surfaces. TravelMate users aren’t at the mercy of the public restroom cleaning staff, so “hovering” over a dirty toilet seat in order to avoid touching it is unnecessary.
Minimize undressing. TravelMate users are able to urinate without having to get partially undressed. This feature is most appreciated when wearing a jumpsuit, hiking, snowmobiling, or answering emergency ”calls of nature” alongside the highway.
Toilet paper not required. Most TravelMate users find as they pull the TravelMate forward, the cradle tip “wipes” off residual urine, eliminating the need for toilet paper— real nice when none is available.
TravelMate pic TravelMate single-pack or three-pack is for women who:
Encounter dirty public restrooms with no toilet paper
Camp, ride snowmobiles or horses, x-country ski
Are looking for an alternative to squatting or “hovering” that is easier on the thigh muscles
$4.69 single pack / $13.29 three-pack (price in US dollars)
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TravelPack pic TravelPack is for women who want all the benefits of the TravelMate, plus:
The ability to use it while seated during long flights in small aircraft, long driving trips, in a wheelchair, or at the edge of a bed.
$14.29 for TravelMate, tubing, & collection bag (price in US dollars)
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