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SnapGear's LITE Router - This router might be all 'Fisher-Price' on the outside, but inside it's all grown-up. SPI Firewall, Traffic Shaping, and Content Filtering, this router will make even the experts sweat.
Definitely not your average review for a computer site, but the Victorinox has been such a great tool for me I had to do one on it! So, take a break from your typical benchmarks, graphs, & frames per second to take a look at the Swiss Army Victorinox RS Multi-Tool.
This keyboard has so many hotkeys, you might not ever need your mouse again.
SnapGear LITE Router
An in-depth review of SnapGear's LITE router. This router will make even the experts sweat.
Victorinox SwissTool
Take a break from your typical benchmarks, graphs, & frames per second to take a look at the Swiss Army Victorinox RS SwissTool.
MS Multimedia Natural Keyboard
This keyboard has so many hotkeys, you might not ever need your mouse again.

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Posted by avgjoe at 10:02 PM on February 11, 2003

3dMark 2003 - Released!

Source: Future Mark

Future Mark (formerly madonion) has just released their newest version of 3dMark, a cool benchmarking program to test the limits of your machine, while giving you some cool eyecandy to look at. No more 13000000 3dMarks - well not until ATI releases their new chipset ^_-

Go directly to the mirrors page by clicking here.

6 Fan Controller Roundup @ Twistedmods

Source: Twisted Mods

Twisted Mods has done it again with a killer roundup of fan controllers. If your in the market for one, you better check this article out before you do!

"Each of the fan controller’s submitted performed outstanding and in some cases even blew me off my feet. I was surprised that some of these controllers were able to do as well as they did – at some points during the roundup I did have my doubts! Judging on ease of installation, best performance, best looking and what’s included (to make installation easier), I would have to declare the overall winner of this roundup the Vantec Four Fan Controller. Not only did I have high expectations coming into this controller’s review, I was not any more surprised to see that it did exceptionally well as far as RPM readings go."

Read the entire article here.

Posted by avgjoe at 09:03 PM on February 10, 2003

Western Digital Release - Serial ATA

Source: Western Digital

"LAKE FOREST, Calif. -- Feb. 10, 2003 -- Western Digital Corp. (NYSE: WDC) announced today that it is entering the enterprise hard drive market with an Enterprise Serial ATA (ESATA) product called WD RaptorTM. The new hard drive offers systems builders and storage vendors enterprise-class specifications: 1.2 million hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), 10,000 RPM, 5.2 milliseconds (ms) average seek time and a five-year warranty."

Yup... there releasing an S-ATA drive.

Read the whole info: Release Info

ATI Catylist 3.1 Drivers

Source: ATI

ATI has release the ATI Catylist 3.1 drivers. Supposedly you can get a marked increase in performance. Alas, I don't own an ATI card, so I don't know :-)

Go directly to the download link by clicking here.

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Barton Processor Reviews

AMD's new line of processors "Barton" are now out, and the reviews are coming from all over the place. Listed below are a just a few of them:

Press Release: Click Here


Posted by avgjoe at 09:35 PM on February 08, 2003

3dMark 2003 Screens

Source: Tech Connect

These guys have a scoop on the newest version of 3dMark's - 3dMark 2003 You gotta see the screenshots of this thing. You know it's going to hurt your video card when you run it.

"Futuremark released again 2 new screenshots about their upcoming benchmark util!"

Read more about it here

Creative Audigy 2 Platinum ex

Source: Creative

"Creative, the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the personal computer and the Internet, announces the new Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX, the only THX-certified consumer sound card capable of 6-channel DVD-Audio quality 24-bit/96kHz recording. Available from the end of February, the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX will have an SRP of £199.99 incl. VAT.

Anyone with a DVD-ROM drive of 6x or greater can utilise the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX to experience Advanced Resolution DVD-Audio with amazing 24-bit/192kHz sound quality in stereo, introducing listeners to detail and clarity in recordings that far exceeds the limits of vinyl, tape or CD. Its support for 24-bit ADVANCED HD audio playback at 106dB SNR delivers up to eight times the clarity of motherboard integrated audio solutions. To optimise MP3, WMA or CD playback, the system includes Creative MediaSource the most comprehensive player for digital music transfer, library management and enhancements. It can also be used to up-mix stereo MP3 music into full 6.1 surround sound. "

Ok... this can go on forever, check the rest of the press release here.

Logitech Z-640 Speakers

Source: Geekinvaders

Geekinvaders has a cool review of the Logitech Z-640's.

"We will be giving you all the info and results from the tests we put the Logitech z-640 speakers through, Now these are not the top of the line speakers in Logitech's line up but that doesn't make them bad. I have owned a few Logitech products in my lifetime and I have been very impressed with the quality of work that goes into their products and we hope these speakers will do the same for you as they did for us."

Read the review here.

Nvidia FX Ultra - Cancelled?

Well... that's what has been floating around the web. Of course until I see a valid response from an Nvidia spokesman, I'll stick with this as being gossip.

Best Buy is still taking pre-orders, and BFGX is still showing them on their website.

So, bad reviews or not - this thing is still going to be released.

Web Site News

Before I get to the regular tech news I usually post, figured I'd do one for the site first.

First how-to is done! Read the whole guide here. Make sure to give me feedback on the forums!

AvgJoeGeek has a contest going on for a new logo. For some reason I just don't happen to like the one I have now. For more info check out the boards here.

Also, we have a new affiliate! Check their site out! www.geekinvaders.com Hope to have some good stuff coming from them soon.

And.... we have the tweakers top 20 link on the left there. Click the button a couple million times and vote for us!

And lastly, work has been hectic, but I'm still updating, and getting some reviews ready. Bare with me as I keep this site updated (albeit slowly lol)

Posted by avgjoe at 10:56 PM on February 05, 2003

GeForceFX Reborn?

Source: [H]ardOCP

Well.. I suppose this is better news for the FX - It now might have a fan controller that only turns the 'dust buster' on while gaming.

"I know what you are thinking, "Already?" We were lucky enough to put our hands on a revamped GeForceFX 5800 Ultra on Monday and I can say that NVIDIA has moved their GFFX flagship in the right direction."

Click the source link above to check out the news, or just click here to see the pic of the latest sample Kyle received here.

AJG Logo Contest!

Yup, you read correctly. Since I seem to have no graphic skills at creating a logo, I turn to you the reader for help!

Help the site and if your logo is selected win a Gravis Exterminator Digital Gamepad! (Gravis Website)
All you need to do is either email me directly at avgjoe@avgjoegeek.com with Logo Contest in the subject line, or post the logo on our message board here.

**Please only US residents apply due to shipping restraints.

SpLiZaaT & Afturmath are Interviewed @ TwistedMods

Source: Twisted Mods

Twisted Mods is one year old!

"The only thing that I have planned for the future is the review of hardware. We are getting to the point where we have reviewed and guided almost everything we can think of, so we plan to kick it up a notch by moving along to hardware. So far, we have made contact and confirmed sponsorship with Abit as well as Maxtor and hope to pick up Gigabyte and Intel (in the long future) as well as Creative and others. Aside from this small change, we plan to keep playing it by ear – updating the news, reviewing, guiding and having some more fun."

Read the interview behind the scenes about this great modding site here.