Here is the "genuine"recipe, the most "accurate" replica and the one that the Lichonneux prefer. It is the recipe as held by
Le Grand Maître du Secret :

Take a relatively high-sided pie dish (for 8, 24 cm diameter).
Butter the mold using 150 g of fine butter. Sprinkle 125 g of icing sugar onto the butter.
Peel approximately 1 Kg of apples. Cut them roughly into quarters and place them side by side with the curved side down then fill the gaps with large slices.
apple basket

Pomme rouge

the famous "cuisinière"

Start cooking on a low flame for 10 to 15 minutes, to monitor the beginning of caramelizing to your taste. Then place in an oven at between 180 and 200° for approximately 1/4 of an hour.
Take out and arrange on a base of flaky or short pastry, slightly larger than the diameter of the mold, then put back in the oven for approximately a 1/4 of an hour.

Reine des Reinettes
Once cooking is over, take out of the oven and allow to stand for a few minutes. Place a serving dish over your mold and turn out quickly.
Simply serve as it is, that’s it.
 Tarte TATIN

Tarte TATIN If you prepare your tart in this way, the apples will be impregnated with the natural caramel resulting from the combination of the cooked sugar, butter and the juice of the apples, taking on the smoothness and exceptional taste that characterize the genuine Tarte TATIN.

Under these conditions, the addition of cream or flaming with alcohol on service would simply change this unique taste: thus it is to be avoided.
If the tart has been prepared previously, heat in a low oven for 10 or so minutes before serving.
 a share of pie


a share of pie
There is a 2nd "school" for the manufacturing of Tarte TATIN which claims that the tart should be entirely cooked in the oven without using the first stage of the Grand Maître du Secret. This method is risky because there is no way of supervising the process of caramelization and of stopping it at the right point.

a share of pie

Recommendations of the Lichonneux

Be particularly vigilant in the restaurant when Tarte TATIN appears on the menu if it is not proposed that you order it when you order your meal or if it is offered coated or flamed:

Reine des Reinettes

Another recommendation:
ever heat a Tarte TATIN in a microwave oven because the pastry would be affected.
You would not get that inimitable taste.


To accompany your Tarte TATIN, why not try a light red wine
(from Sologne for instance) or an excellent cider?

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