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Naturopathic Medicine is an art and science based on seven principles:


Central to naturopathic philosophy is the knowledge that human beings have the capacity for healing within themselves. Removing the “obstacles to cure” (factors which inhibit healing) is the first consideration of the naturopathic doctor.

Establishing the basis for wellness is another goal of naturopathic medicine. It is when the optimal conditions are present that we can enjoy the greatest level of health. These include proper diet, sufficient sleep, positive attitude, exercise, healthy relationships, satisfying work, clean environment, pure water, and time for recreation.

Naturopathic Doctors
N.D.s are trained physicians that undergo 4 years of pre-med followed by 4 years of medical school at an accredited naturopathic medical college. On completion of medical school they must pass a weeklong national board exam before they can be licensed. They are currently licensed in 14 States, including Maine, to diagnose and treat individuals for their health problems. Naturopaths specialize in the use of scientifically validated, natural methods for restoring and building health. Treatment modalities include diet and lifestyle counseling, massage therapy, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, psychological counseling, nutrition, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and selected pharmaceuticals.

Available Services
- Naturopathic Medical Visits
- Nutrition and Detoxification Courses
- Wellness Visits
- Nutritional Consultation

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