The Wheel

The 21st Path



The letter K
The Order: 11 The Value: 10
The Title: Lord of the Forces of Life
The Intelligence: Conciliating

The 21st Path connects the 4th Path, Chesed - Mercy, with the 7th Path, Netzach - Victory, upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attribute is Kaph, valued at 20, which means the Palm of the Hand (the Kteis or Egg, esoterically). The Astrological sign is that of the Planet Jupiter.

Meditations upon the shape of the letter K:

The sign of the Enterer of the Threshold and of Horus (one leg forward and advancing with arm or arms extended, reaching out as if to pierce or rend open a veil. Please refer to the photograph below).
An arrow indicating the center of a line.
The path of light reflecting from a mirror.
The scales or balance on its side, with one side heavier than the other.
Three lines.
Five points.
The Sumerian cuneiform for 600.


The Enterer of the Threshold


The Dekagram

Symbol of the 10th and final Path, Malkuth - The Kingdom, as well as the 21st Path, Kaph - The Wheel.

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