Do You Like Nice Boobs?

Alot of you you do and so do I. These boobs that I got were put in May 1999 and these were to be temporary.

At that time there was a "monster chick" boom in the Adult Entertainment world and as a I planned to have 3000 cc implants made. Yet, the surgeon at the time decided that for the time being, to overfill 800 cc implants with 1000 cc of saline and was schedualed to have larger implants done 4 months afterwards. I decided to wait. Now, 3 years have passed and I have been informed that I should replace these with softer implants. The reason? My boobs should be much more softer. These overfilled implants just don't do it for me anymore. Of course, the goal to have freaky tits that I wanted before is out. Today, I would like to replace these ones with softer, big and playful boobies. If you can please consider making a contribution to help me get better boobies, I would really appreciate it.

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