(Maybe) Incel Comic Strip Characters

Dilbert meets the incel stereotype perfectly, but he did have a girlfriend Liz at one point. Reports a mailing list member: "There was this one Dilbert where he tells Dogbert that he met a women that likes him. Then, Phil, the Prince of Insuffucient Light shows up to tell Dilbert that heck just froze over. Then, a herd of flying pigs goes by. I taped this cartoon into my binder 'cuz it was so damned funny. :)"

from a mailing list member:

"Peanuts" is rife with dysfunctional romantic attachments. Lucy's hopeless
attraction to Schroeder (because he's intellectually fascinating, btw),
Sally's hopeless attraction to Linus (which also seems to be because of his
inner characteristics), Charlie Brown's hopeless interest in the Little
Red-Headed Girl (strictly looks), and that dark-haired girl's unrequited
obsession with Charlie Brown (unexplained). But then again, they're just
kids, and one shouldn't label "invcel" too early -- After all, as a parent,
I believe that everyone should be "involuntarily celibate" until they're 18,
at least, with the parent providing the "involuntary" part, if necessary.

Of course, Jon in "Garfield" is invcel, but this is a truly dreadful cartoon.

Actually, the subject of cartoons made me think, first and foremost, of
underground cartoonist R. Crumb, the man who should be invcel, but isn't.
The documentary about him and his family (entitled, simply, "Crumb," I
believe) is a
must watch for all involuntary celibates. His two brothers,
featured prominently in the film, were both invcels. One stayed in his room
at his mother's house, rarely leaving, while the other lived alone in a
(pardon the expression) crumby apartment, and had been busted once on a sex
crime charge (for pulling down a woman's pants). So here you have one
harmless celibate, dangerous only to himself, while the other was more in
line with the media image that folks have complained about on this listserv,
but both were treated sympathetically. The most interesting case is Robert
Crumb himself. Physically the geekiest-looking of the bunch, he has also
been quite sexually active, by sheer force of personality. He wears his
sexuality on his sleave, and so he appears sexual. He's a
fascinating character, and he lives large. Perhaps he should be the patron
saint of invcels.

See also Sparky's story.