List of 2003 Awards to be given at International Festival of Cinema and Technology 2003 Event

• Best Feature
• Best Short under 5 minutes
• Best Short
• Best Documentary
• Best Cinematography in Feature
• Best Cinematography in a Short
• Best Cinematography in a Documentary
• Best Feature Director
• Best Short Director
• Best Documentary Director
• Best Student Feature
• Best Student Short
• Best Experimental Project
• Best Feature Score
• Best Short Score
• Best Documentary Score
• Best Animated Piece
• Best Comedy
• Best Actor
• Best Actress
• Best Feature Editing
• Best Short Editing
• Best Documentary Editing
• Best New Talent (first time filmmaker)
• Best Use of Digital Technology
• Best Micro-budget Feature (made for under $1000 USD)
• Best Micro-budget Short (made for under $1000 USD)
• Best Underground Feature
• Best Underground Short
• Best Use of Computer Generated Imagery

The award winners of IFCT 2002 were announced Sunday October 20th. Congratulations to all the award winners and thank you to the festival panel of judges.

IFCT Best Feature Award
WINNER: "Tangier Legend of a City"
RUNNER-UP: "Middlemen"

IFCT Best Short Award
WINNER: "Born Loser"
RUNNER-UP: "The Same"

IFCT Best Use of Computer Generated Imagery Award
WINNER: "The Freak"
RUNNER-UP: "Quest for the Higgs"

IFCT Best Comedic Short Award
WINNER: "Grandpa"
RUNNER-UP: "Dependable People"

IFCT Best Animated Short Award
WINNER: "Tongues and Taxis"
RUNNER-UP: "The Freak"

IFCT Best Microbudget Award
WINNER: "Hardly Workin'"
RUNNER-UP: "A Haiku Setting"

IFCT Best Student Project Award
WINNER: "Simulacrum"
RUNNER-UP: "Tongues and Taxis"

IFCT Best Experimental Short Award
WINNER: "Timescape"
RUNNER-UP: "A Haiku Setting"

IFCT Best Cinematography Award
WINNER: "The Same"
RUNNER-UP: "The Referee"

IFCT Best New Director Award
WINNER: Laura Kightlinger for "Dependable People"
RUNNER-UP: Vasil Hristov for "The Referee"

IFCT Best Director Award
WINNER: Peter Goedel for "Tangier Legend of a City"
Mark Palansky for "The Same"

IFCT Best Editing Award
WINNER: "The Same"
RUNNER-UP: "Maudits"

IFCT Best Documentary Award
WINNER: "Bardo-In the Between"
RUNNER-UP: "Far Away Disappears the Railway"

IFCT Best Documentary Award (Short Form)
WINNER: "Inner Voices"
RUNNER-UP: "Quest for the Higgs"

IFCT Best Actress Award
WINNER: Sarah Plommer in "Simulacrum"
Beryl King in "Together for 50 Years"

IFCT Best Actor Award
WINNER: Armin Mueller Stahl in "Tangier Legend of a City"
RUNNER-UP: Michael Chomiak in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

IFCT Best Original Score Award
WINNER: Shane Harvey for "Middlemen"
RUNNER-UP: Goon for "Timescape"












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