Thanks For Waddling In
Welcome to the most respected, domesticated penguin dealer on the Internet!  Relax and take a look around our site where you can find information on our company, our products, and what goes into the care of a penguin.  Penguin Warehouse, Inc. sells certified purebred penguins, useful penguin books, and many other items to make you and your new pet happy.

A Penguin For All Seasons
Penguins make wonderful birthday and holiday gifts all year long.  Now and throughout the Christmas season get a discount on all purchased penguin accessories when a penguin purchased!  Catch a penguin while their hot!  This deal won't last long. 

1.  The perfect conversation piece for parties!

2.  Make great foot-warmers.

3.  Lovely lawn ornament.
4.  Man's true best friend.

5.  Good dancing partner.
6.  Bring South Pole home!

7.  Come fully dressed in their own tuxedo.

8.  Rid house of pesky krill.

9.  Good Christmas Decorations!

10.  Have you seen a penguin?!


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