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Caleb is the man (114KB)

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Shogo Music CD Available - Buy a copy today!

Monolith to publish epic Anime RPG, Septerra Core

SHOGO v2.1 Patch Available Now!

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Weekly Vision
Weekly Vision

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What would Ishmael's Sister be named?


Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
Have you ever wanted to see a 40 ft. tall Caleb face off against a heavily armed transformable mecha? Now you can! By utilizing the same 3D engine Shogo and Blood 2 let you share levels, models, textures, etc. between the two games.

To find out more about Shogo click the image or the link above.

LithTech LithTech Engine
The power behind both Blood 2 and Shogo, the LithTech engine defines the state of the art. Interested in developing a 3D game? LithTech is already being utilized by game developers who desire a cutting edge 3D environment without the overhead associated with developing in-house.

Click the link above or the LithTech logo for more information.


The Chosen
The Chosen
Caleb, Ophelia, Ishmael, Gabriella - these are the Chosen. Former generals of a defeated god, they must now fight the Cabal together in an uneasy truce. What are their true ambitions?

The Cabal
The Cabal
Servants of the Sleeping God, the Cabal pursues world domination by harnessing the power of its deity. Their metamorphosis from an army of fanatics into a well-organized global mega-corporation has only served to strengthen and deepen their power and influence.

Blood 2 Forum
The Forum
Gather here, seekers of knowledge. All is received and imparted through words of insight, deceit, succor, and trial. Come now in pursuit of your own ends always aware that those you encounter have ends of their own.
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