Cragg Family History Homepage

A genealogy page devoted to tracing early Cragg family roots

This is a site for sharing and obtaining information about Cragg family history, founded by a group of descendents from Nelson Cragg (1843-1900), who immigrated in 1894 to Adair County, Missouri, USA, from Grantham and/or Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, England.

All of the information that we have is listed here, and we are delighted to share it with you, in hopes that you have some information to fill in the blanks in our past. We also would be happy to receive corrections to any information we have, and additional ancestral information. We are focused on extending our ancestral information, back in time.

We are not professional researchers, and we are not a genealogy service. We are a friendly family of amateur genealogists hoping to expand our knowledge of our ancestors, particularly those with the last name of Cragg, Drummond, Ratliff and Brookhart.

You can enter the site one of two ways. Either click on one of the linked names on this page, or go to the name index. Once you are in the tree you will be able to move around simply by clicking on names. Try it!

We've grown again, thanks to our primary researcher, Michele Cragg. We now have 46,263 individuals, and 16,387 marriages in the Cragg database. Because of this sudden growth, we have setup three databases, to better manage the data. You can select from one of them here (it has search capabilities).

Also, we are now CGI served! All pages are composed on the fly. It may be a little slower than before, but we can easily modify the pages generated, and don't have to maintain thousands of files (as before). We now have reports and pictures (for some individuals)! To get to them, click on the Individual Information link on a family page, next to the individual you want the report for. If you have a friendly suggestion on the site or one of the reports (or a new one), contact Chris Cragg at

We host two other databases here too.

The Drummond database.
The Thammavaram database.

Take time to sign or view our guestbook. Tell everyone who or what you are researching.

By the way, no, we didn't create this entire site by hand. Michele Cragg researches and maintains the Cragg information. Nita Maxine Drummond Cragg maintains the Drummond information. Chris Cragg maintains the Thammavaram information.
Chris created a conversion utility to convert an exported GED file to an Access MDB, and a CGI program to generate the pages on demand. He operates the web server generating the HTML. If you would like more info, e-mail him at

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