JWL's "How to" backup your PSO character

There are two known ways to make a copy of your PSO character, but first just let me say that I only do this for BACKUP purposes, not to cheat. If you choose to use this information to cheat, well, I thumb my nose at you :P

AUTHOR'S NOTE: January 16th, 2003

This page pertains to Dreamcast PSO and was written during *early* PSO version 1. If you try to make a copy of your character and use an old instance of your character online NOW, Sonic Team will detect it and initialize your character (EVERYTHING is deleted EXCEPT for Experience Points. Weapons, Armor, Techniques you've learned, any Materials you've used... it's ALL gone. ONLY your Current EXP remains).

While you can still use this method to protect your experience points and character (and I'd rather lose all of my items than lose all of my items AND my character), remember that any use of this method is going to result in COMPLETE item loss.

The best thing to do if you are attacked by a hacker (the main attacks being ones by which your character is transformed into another character, such as NOL), is to hit POWER on the Dreamcast IMMEDIATELY. This will cause you to lose all non-equipped and non-saved items (if you recently unequipped your weapon and didn't do anything that causes the game to save, like, visiting the check room, hitting POWER will cause that weapon to be deleted, whether it's equipped or not. If you're playing with people you don't know, ONLY USE JUNK WEAPONS WHICH YOU DON'T CARE IF YOU LOSE. I can't stress this enough. Do not make an open game, where any idiot from "SSJ Goku" the HUmar to "I PK 4 FUN" the HUnewearl to "@#$#*(##$" the RAmar can join and NOL you, with all your best weapons in your inventory. You don't NEED rare weapons until Ultimate mode, and if you're on PSO version 1, you DO NOT need rare weapons, PERIOD.

For more information on PSO, check the PSO information that's up on GameFAQs.com (Go to http://www.gamefaqs.com and search for "Phantasy Star Online"). There is a great deal of info to be found there. If you can't find an answer to your question there, then go to PSO World at http://www.planetdreamcast.com/psoworld/ for databases and the forum. The regulars on the forums should be able to answer any questions you have.

(end Note)

How to make a back-up of PSO save data

Way #1

  1. Get a copy of the Dreamcast webbrowser version 2.0, or another Dreamcast browser that has an email program that allows you to email VMU data (You will need access to a POP3 email account to do this).
  2. On your Dreamcast, email your PSO save data to yourself.
  3. If you have a computer, download the email on to your computer. Tada! You now have backup data. (NOTE: Some types of email may change the extension of the save file or other wacky stuff, so if your VMU doesn't want to download the save data back into it later, check for that) If you want to put it back on your Dreamcast, you must either:
    1. email it back to the Dreamcast, or
    2. upload it to the internet somewhere and type the URL into your Dreamcast browser
  4. If you do not have a computer, you will need 2 VMUs (or a 2x VMU or 4x VMU with 2 or 4 pages on it) to backup your PSO character. After you email the data, simply swap VMUs and download the data into a different VMU. You will then have the same character on both VMUs. Note that the receiving VMU MUST be an official SEGA VMU. You can transfer from a 3rd party VMU to a SEGA VMU, or from SEGA to SEGA, but the receiving VMU MUST be SEGA. Thus if you try to go from SEGA to 3rd party, or from 3rd party to 3rd party, your save data will be corrupted!

Way #2

  1. If you have a PC with Windows 95 or higher (the software you need only works with Windows 95 or higher), buy a Nexus DC memory card w/ PC link from www.levelsix.com, www.hkems.com, or any other place that sells them.
  2. Save your game data on your computer using the software from www.levelsix.com.
  3. You can now download the data back into any VMU you want.
WARNING: Some people have complained of having trouble using the Nexus card's PC link. Also, SUPPOSEDLY, people have had problems with the Nexus cards themselves. My own Nexus card has been 100% reliable and works great, but supposedly not all Nexus cards are created equal.