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GreaseSpot Cafe > WayDale Documents > Editorial Section

These articles are based on our own experiences with The Way and our best recollections of meetings and incidents involving many aspects of live at The Way.

These articles are written in as unslanted a way as we can accomplish. It is not our objective to skew the stories or write them in a way that deliberately portrays The Way and its trustees in a bad light. We believe that you should be allowed draw your own conclusions.

These articles are as accurate as we can make them, but our recollections are not perfect on all these issues. We believe however, that the substance of the articles is essentially accurate even if we get some small details wrong.

Title Comments
Way Pay A comparison in living standards between Way Trustees and regular Way staff. An explanation of "genuine need" basis living.

Way Staff Housing Way staff living conditions as compared to living conditions for Way Trustees.

LCM comments on Clinton - Lewinsky A synopsis of Martindale's only known comments concerning the Clinton - Lewinsky sex scandal

TWI and C.A.N. Short article dealing with the secret dealings between The Way International and the Cult Awareness Network.

Internet Restrictions The Way attempts to keep certain information from the eyes of its followers. Don't visit "Anti-Way" web sites - Martindale warns... May 1999

How big is The Way? How big is The Way and how badly are they losing ground in the Promised Land of the Prevailing Word? May 1999

Your ABS at Work A look at the current state of Way finances

Implicit Obedience Martindale's implicit obedience is a requirement in the Promised Land

Fish Bowl The Fish Bowl - Way vice-president Rosalie Rivenbark monitors staff health and the MANDATED weight loss program

Ohio Vacation Way Vacations - a look at the meager vacation provisions for staff of The Way International.

Prisoners of The Way Some Way people want to leave The Way International headquarters, but find that they are in a prison

Martindale, the Pope and the aircraft carrier Martindale makes amazing claim that the Vatican is planning to purchase an aircraft carrier with which it will try to bring about a  new inquisition. 

Death in the Promised Land  Martindale's amazing explanations for the deaths of well respected Way followers Steve Tully and Fred Brown

Billboard Defacement A billboard was placed by ex-Way followers close to the TWI HQ on the corner of Highway 29 and 274. The billboard was defaced within 12 hours.

Mankind's Original Sin..... According to the Way's head "biblical research" authority, mankind's Original Sin was .......

Martindale made "Research Coordinator" Martindale continues in elevated Way position as "Research Head"

The Way and cancer V.P. Wierwille and the Way's teaching on cancer

Fully Informed or Kept in the Dark Have The Way made good on their promise to keep their followers "fully informed?"

Fiery Darts? Which is the real "fiery dart?"

Onion Free Zone The Onion Free Zone

They thought they were free They thought they were free

Way Exodus Ongoing Way Exodus. Corps leadership and other long standing Way followers continue to leave.

Hidden Agenda? Hidden Agenda?
The Way's Miami Valley followers try to increase their ranks...

Limb coordinators resign Idaho Limb coordinators Bob & Cari Wagner leave TWI.

Letter to Idaho Idaho Limb Coordinators write to all Way followers in their area to tell them why they are leaving TWI.

A valiant stand and a bold example Idaho followers encouraged to band together and get answers as TWI prepares to send in the Damage Control team

A Guide to Liberty Recently resigned Way region coordinator Paul Mosqueda offers advice on how to extricate oneself from The Way