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GreaseSpot Cafe > WayDale Documents > Lawsuit Section
Lawsuits - Main Section

This page is a reverse order  chronological listing of events, news articles, court filings etc., pertaining to the lawsuits filed against TWI (the original announcement of the lawsuit being filed can be found at the bottom of this page). From this section, you will be able to access all of the information that WayDale has published or re-printed concerning this matter. 

Title Comments
Sidney Daily News

The Way settles suit with couple
Wapakoneta Daily News

The Way International reaches settlement with couple
WayDale Update

WayDale and Settlement Update

Lawsuit Settlement Allen V. The Way
Lawsuit Settlement

Sidney Daily Sidney Daily News 10/20/2000

Celina Daily Standard Celina Daily Standard
Martindale no longer at The Way

Time to change the pictures? Time to change the pictures?


Stripped of clergy title St. Mary's Evening Leader
Martindale stripped of clergy title

Way severed ties with Martindale?

Sidney Daily News -
Way spokesman Rico Magnelli confirms The Way has severed ties with Martindale?

Martindale gone Lima News - Former Way president no longer with organization

Martindale stripped of clergy title Wapakoneta Daily News
Former Way president stripped of clergy title

Martindale - packing his bags? Update - 09/18/2000
Has the TWI board of trustees told Martindale to pack his bags?

Sidney Daily News Sidney Daily News 09/13/2000 - Judge gives the ok to amend Way complaint.

Sidney Daily News Sidney Daily News 09/01/2000. Case will NOT be dismissed.

Lallys reported to have quit TWI TWI loses more top leaders - Tom & Barbara Lally

Plaintiffs file response to motion by The Way

Sidney Daily News 08/23/00

Letters to Rosalie Letters to Rosalie Rivenbark from long time Way follower John Richeson. Honest observations and questions that resulted in John and Hope Richeson being ejected from TWI.

A valiant stand and a bold example Idaho followers encouraged to band together and get answers as TWI prepares to send in the Damage Control team

Letter from Idaho Limb to Idaho Way followers 

Idaho Limb coordinators make their reasons known

Limb coordinators resign

Idaho Limb coordinators Bob & Cari Wagner leave TWI.

Way attorneys seek dismissal

Way attorneys seek dismissal of lawsuit

Way Exodus Ongoing Way Exodus. Corps leadership and other long standing Way followers continue to leave.

Fully Informed or Kept in the Dark Have The Way made good on their promise to keep their followers "fully informed?"

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St. Mary's Evening Leader
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Wapakoneta Daily News

Wapakoneta Daily News
Lima News Lima News article about second lawsuit

Parker Lawsuit The Way International hit with a second lawsuit. Among other things, this lawsuit alleges that The Way has violated state racketeering laws with alleged acts of theft, fraud, coercion, assault and rape.

Trial Date Set Sidney Daily News article concerning Trial Date set for Allen lawsuit.

New Way Leader Sidney Daily News article concerning Rivenbark's accession to the Way's highest office

More branch coordinators resign More branch coordinators resigning in this past month.

Washington State Damage Control led by TWI VP Harve Platig. Updated 05/12/00 Newly appointed TWI vice president Harve Platig and Roman Steciw head to Washington State to try to keep Way followers in rank.

O'Malley resignation Resignation statement from Ted & Shelly O'Malley, Spokane Washington

Damage Control in Ohio Panarello hosts damage control meeting in Ohio in the wake of Scott and Sandra Mosqueda's departures from TWI.

Paul & Bev. Mosqueda resign Another Region coordinator couple resign. Paul & Bev. Mosqueda from the Pacific Northwest region.

Midwest Region coordinators resign

Midwest region coordinators resigned

Adultery - by John Schoenheit John Schoenheit's (formerly TWI research Dept.) paper on Adultery. Publishing this paper led to his dismissal from TWI staff.

Way Meeting concerning resignation

Notes from one of TWI's nationwide meetings concerning Martindale's resignation.

Martindale resigns Martindale has  resigned from TWI's board of trustees, but is still being honored with the title of "trustee emeritus"
Mid-West Region coordinators resign TWI's Mid-West Region coordinators Alan and Debbie Licht have resigned in response to news of lawsuit.

News Articles Newspaper articles associated with ongoing lawsuit.

Copy of Allen complaint

Copy of Complaint filed in Shelby County by Allens
Legal Proceedings Instituted against TWI Legal proceedings instituted against The Way International, Craig Martindale, Rosalie Rivenbark, John Reynolds, Howard Allen, Don Wierwille and Ramona (Hannig) Bidon