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Sidney Daily News 11/07/2000

Wapakoneta Daily News 11/07/2000

Sidney Daily News - 10/20/2000

Celina Daily Standard - 09/21/2000

St. Mary's Evening Leader - 09/21/2000

Sidney Daily News - 09/21/2000

Lima News - 09/21/2000

Wapakoneta Daily News - 09/20/2000

Sidney Daily News - 09/13/2000

Sidney Daily News - 09/01/2000

Sidney Daily News - 08/23/2000

Sidney Daily News - 07/27/2000

St. Mary's Evening Leader - 06/28/00

Wapakoneta Daily News - June 28th 2000

Lima News 06/27/00

Sidney Daily News 06/24/00

Sidney Daily News 06/01/00

Sidney Daily News 05/26/00

Beacon Journal 04/27/00

Sidney Daily News 04/27/00

Wapakoneta Daily News 04/27/00

Sidney Daily News 04/06/2000

Wapakoneta Daily News

Celina Standard

St. Mary's Evening Leader

Journal Gazette

Evening Leader

Arkansas Democrat

Read the  article on The Way International from Sunday, October 15 1995.

No Way Out News Archive

Access the No Way Out web site news archive

WayDale stirs up memories

Article from the Sidney Daily News on August 8th 1999 by Judy Owen

The Journal Gazette - Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Article featuring The Way's sale of the Rome City, Indiana Campus by Rachel E. Blakeman