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Recommended Reading

I thought that these books were helpful in understanding what took place (and still takes place) in The Way International. Your opinion may vary!

WayDale does not benefit financially from any of these book sales.

Click on book images for details on book availability, pricing, ordering details and reader reviews.

With the exception of Karl Kahler's book, these books are all for sale at

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse Twisted Scriptures Cults in Our Midst
This book consistently gets rave reviews from Ex-Way people. It's as if the authors were specifically writing about The Way International !

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse

"Spiritual abuse" describes situations where seemingly spiritual means are used by authority figures in an attempt to meet their own needs for importance, power, intimacy, or spiritual gratification. Church members feel manipulated, used and shamed. Now two pastors of a thriving suburban church offer effective means for dealing with spiritual abuse.

Twisted Scriptures

Dangerous leaders - some even in mainstream churches - are twisting the scriptures to coerce their members into subordination. In the process, once-promising lives can become mired in a distorted religious reality that supresses human freedom and destroys lives.

Cults in our Midst
Margaret Thaler Singer

The country's leading authority on cults now calls on her 50 years of experience to write this definitive book on the subject. Singer's shocking expose reveals what cults are and how they work.

The foremost expert on mind control shows that cults are more dangerous than ever before, and advises readers what they can do about their shocking infiltrations into the workplace, which comes in the guise of training programs and "new age" workshops aimed at coercion.


Combatting Cult Mind Control Snapping The Cult that Snapped - A Journey Into The Way International
Combatting Cult Mind Control - Steven Hassan Snapping
Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman
The Cult that Snapped - A Journey Into The Way International - Karl Kahler (graduate of the 14th Way Corps)