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Evidence Eliminator™ is the World's most advanced Windows hard-drive cleaner that defeats forensic analysis software as used by police and government agencies etc.

Most information in circulation about Evidence Eliminator™ is true. Evidence Eliminator™ has been featured on the covers of major magazines and has an excellent reputation for quality and innovation. We take pride in our reputation for producing outstanding results for our Customers and Associates.

However, the Internet allows freedom of speech to haters and mis-guided authoritarians. Those people hate privacy - they want to pry and snoop in your computer.

There are a tiny minority of individuals, and so-called organizations, who have decided to spread lies and dis-information about our amazing software Evidence Eliminator™. This page explains who they are and the hateful lies they have told about us.

Some are failed competitors. But others are just jealous!

  • Failed software manufacturers ("wannabes") who are envious

  • Failed "media jockeys" (publicity seekers who manipulate the press to get attention)

  • Obsessive "stalkers" and "spammers" (hate ranters) seeking fame & self-importance by writing extreme hate speech onto newsgroups

  • Government-connected organizations with hidden agendas ("Big Brother")

What is Dis-Information?

In a nutshell, it's propaganda. "False information, deliberately spread."

Read this page and see for yourself how many people and organizations have tried to attack Evidence Eliminator™ with lies. But of course they have all failed and Evidence Eliminator™ remains the World's #1 PC Security Utility!

Large Media and Educational Scandal! [27th February 2002]  do you recognize these logos? The five companies and institutions shown below are implicated in our latest Media Scandal, involving illegal emails, propaganda, and allegations of sex charges. Click Here For All The Info!

The LYCOS network and subsidiaries.

Carnegie Mellon University, holder of the LYCOS trademark and one of America's largest Universities. WWW.CMU.EDU

Scandal! [July 2000]  do you recognize this logo?

Internet.com's Internet News Bureau (www.newsbureau.com) has drafted a proposal to publicize Evidence Eliminator™ as a tool to assist criminals who knowingly download incriminating material from the Internet. The draft, supposedly to be distributed to 2000 journalists and editors (can you imagine the scandal!), was particularly ridiculous since this is a 5-year established PR company who clearly knew exactly what they were doing. Their services firmly rejected (as if anybody would trust a PR company that made such an outrageous proposal), Internet News Bureau are pushing their luck further - ripping us off for $250 claiming:

only a small portion of your first draft refers to individuals knowingly downloading incriminating material"

Renee Menius, Manager, Internet.com News Bureau, 19th June 2000

Is this tantamount to saying "Only a small portion of your hire car contained a bomb. You will therefore still be charged for it"?

We think Internet.com is in far too public a position to be pulling this kind of stunt on a British privacy company. They are a publicly traded multi-$million company (Nasdaq:INTM) and operate a large network of sites including Boardwatch Magazine, BHS Download Center, and many more. BHS Download Center has been removed from our downloads page as a mark of disgust.

We don't stand for this kind of nonsense and think the public should be aware of the activities of Internet.com. If you think this is just disgusting please feel free to sign-up to their journalists information service. You'll receive a regular listing of their customers press releases. Feel free to press "Reply", email their customers and make certain they are fully aware of who they are doing business with. Ask their customers if they have seen this page!

Here's the URL to sign-up for their customers "press releases": (sign-up as a "Freelance" journalist)


March 2002: Fresh "child porn" allegations on Eric Lee Green's site

Eric Lee Green has a new Hate Site purely for the purpose of distributing defamatory hate speech about Robin Hood Software Ltd.

"Robin Hood Software make a lot of claims ... Lie: EE will save you if you
download child porn."

yet more lies by Eric Lee Green, March 2002

Certainly Eric Lee Green is fantasizing - we make no such claim. Only Eric Lee Green's imagination has brought the subjects of children and sex together. The former school-teacher's hate site is also friendly with the alleged Internet child stalker Keith Little (Below) who is already in Court on defamation allegations.

We say that Eric Lee Green has gone too far, that his entire new Domain has only one purpose of "Extreme Hate Material", he is a "Hater", his campaign against Robin Hood Software Ltd. is one of "Extreme Hate Speech" and his actions will violate the terms of any decent ISP.

If like us you think this is absolutely disgusting, please feel free to send your complaints to his ISP abuse@above.net and tell them exactly what you think about Eric Lee Green's disgusting lies.


Eric Lee Green
5345 E Van Buren St Apt 156
Phoenix, AZ  85008
(602) 795-5480
(602) 426-0387


June 2000: Partner of US Defense contractor openly attacks EE on newsgroup!

What does Dis-Information look like? Anti-Evidence Eliminator™ Dis-information comes in many variations, including in this case: The spreading of false rumors and stories on discussion forums:

On Jun 2nd 2000 we caught "Eric Lee Green" of EST (www.estinc.com) posting dis-information about us in alt.privacy newsgroup in this article. The company name was used (very clearly, see the article) to make a false accusation that we are spammers. EST's web-site reveals a partnership with Motorola, a major US Government defense contractor. Have they no shame? Their other affiliations include IBM, Sun, and Red Hat Linux.

More shameless dis-information on 26th March 2001: Mr. Green denies the above facts, and he's erected a web-page containing countless further lies about Evidence Eliminator™. He advertises his false page on security newsgroup sci.crypt. It's surely shameful for www.estinc.com that their employee is engaging in such a scandal! The web-page is rather desperate, check it out!

"They obtain false identities and post under these identities as 'supporters of Evidence Eliminator' in order to shill their product"
defamation by "Eric Lee Green", Software Engineer, EST, inc. ,
26th March 2001

By February 2002, Mr. Green has spat his dummy again - adding a bizarre and rather sad fantasy story entitled "Evidence Eliminator destroys marriage" to his collection of anonymous rants, gay insinuations, and bogus legalese.

Instead of lying, Mr. Green needs to ask himself "Why am I lying about this company, how am I responsible, and how can I make this better?"

Eric Lee Green lies:

"just geeky subversive lil old me"

Subversive, adj.
Intended or serving to subvert, especially intended to overthrow or undermine an established government

The unpleasant contradiction:

Eric Lee Green is not a subversive, though he pays lip-service to subversive groups such as Animal rights. In truth Eric Lee Green is an authoritarian - a government suck-butt. He sucks up to the Federal Trade Commission, the police and law-enforcement. According to Eric Lee Green, Robin Hood Software is "criminal behavior", "suspect", "scam", "snake-oil", "illegal activity", run by "low down", "despicable", "criminals", "cockroaches", "absolutely nutters", "sleazy", "no ethics", "racketeers", "fraudsters", "scumbags", "thugs", "libelers", "stupid", "nut cases", "bastards" "under investigation", "violating the law", and whom Mr. Green wants to help be "judge"d, and its customers (you) are "perverts", "sex fiends", "sick", "militia types", "right-wing terrorists" or "stupid" "illiterate" "morons" or "this class of people can never spell" or "dimwit".

These are the writings of an authoritarian.

Unsurprisingly Eric Lee Green claims he applied to work for the US Federal government at LLNL.GOV but claims his job application was rejected.

Mr Green's writings enthuse digging in official government records, gathering "proof", the "burden of proof", "incriminating evidence", snooping, investigating, prying, statements from the National Security Agency, "proper UK authorities", police officers handing out medals, his FBI clearance, the Federal Trade Commission, and government authority as a cause to suck-up to.

Eric Lee Green obviously enjoys brown-nosing the US government. His claim to be "subversive" is a hollow lie.

Eric Lee Green talks like a government agent: "Whether you're caught or not, you're still guilty." says Mr. Green.

Is it no wonder that Eric Lee Green so hates the Evidence Eliminator™ which defeats forensic analysis software as used by police, government agencies, etc. "I've cost these guys hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost business" lies Mr Green who's "campaign" does not financially harm Robin Hood Software's record sales, but tries to dis-inform and mis-lead anyone who will listen, and promotes the US government and the authority of its law-enforcement agencies.

Eric Lee Green's writings are a testimony to the power of Evidence Eliminator™ to upset those government-types who want to snoop in your computer. Eric Lee Green's Website has always been plastered in lies. His intention is to reduce the security of Internet users who visit his site or read his newsgroup spam which has virtually destroyed numerous newsgroups and has served no purpose other than make thousands of people hate him. It is precisely the anti-social haters like Eric Lee Green that Evidence Eliminator™ was designed to protect us all from in the first place! Three cheers for Eric Lee Green, the world's biggest idiot.

Alleged child stalker "Keith Little" targets Evidence Eliminator™

This man claims to be an advocate of freedom of speech - but only freedom of speech for himself, not for everyone else. He sent falsified censorship demands to our ISP. Keith Little is alleged to have run a vendetta of dis-information against another software company lockdown2000.com and Keith Little is being sued by that company on allegations of defamation & harassment.


Keith Little "PcHelp" advertises house calls but allegedly sends twisted emails about little girls

Keith Little
"The Trailer"
1403 Manson Blvd
Manson WA. 98831
Phone: 509-687-6900

According to respected Internet software manufacturer Lockdown Corporation, Keith Little penned obsessive personal attacks upon the company's staff and children during a two-year stalking episode. Allegedly Keith Little sent harassing email to the President of Lockdown Corporation relating to the President's little daughter. The little girl was only "12 or 13" years old - yet Keith Little allegedly fantasized that the little girl was "married" to a "porn purveyor". Keith Little advertises his "house-call" services in the Lake Chelan area of Washington State.

Now that's what you'd call "NEWS"!

We would like to make it clear that to the best of our knowledge Keith Little is not on any sex offenders register. Questions arise from these serious allegations:

Shouldn't the sender of any such evil, twisted rantings be reported to the police as a suspected stalking psychopath? Would the alleged email harassment if true not constitute an un-natural and disturbing interest in other people's children? If you received an email like that through the Internet from a strange man, wouldn't you be concerned?

Just 4 days into the LYCOS SCANDAL,TECHTV.COM approached Robin Hood Software Ltd. researching a "story". First we thought it was a routine press enquiry. We often receive press enquiries from news and magazines. Usually they ask about our wonderful Evidence Eliminator™ software and all the people we have protected from being fitted-up, and take away samples to publish to show the public just how great Evidence Eliminator™ really is.

But to everyone's surprise TECHTV.COM had the cheek to ask Robin Hood Software to answer questions stemming from the rantings of Keith Little (above) the alleged Internet child-stalker! We declined to comment for obvious reasons. This was not a normal "news enquiry" and it started sounding like just another seedy government fit-up job.

TECHTV.COM then allegedly interviewed Keith Little on camera as a critic of Evidence Eliminator™! If true, what message does TECHTV.COM send out to others who may seek to harass and stalk the workers, families and children of Internet companies to get attention for themselves? If TECHTV.COM wishes to criticize our "ethics" on this basis, then they ought to look in the mirror!

An (anonymous) USENET message claiming to be from TECHTV corporation offered "anonymous" interviews to people who wanted to talk about Evidence Eliminator™. If that was really a TECHTV reporter, wouldn't it be akin to giving a blank check to every government agent in the World who might wish to discredit EE? That all sounds very fishy.

Readers are reminded that TECHTV.COM is no longer a part of ZDNET (where it used to be called ZDTV and was pretty cool. It's previous owners ZDNET featured us positively on the "call for help" program with Leo Laporte and gave us '5-Star Editors Pick' status on their download site.) TECHTV.COM has changed ownership, and is now owned by Guess Who? Bought-out by Vulcan Inc the investment organization of Paul G. Allen., co-founder of Microsoft...

At Robin Hood Software Ltd. we are concerned about Keith Little's abuse of the Internet to spew his hateful "material" - both regarding Evidence Eliminator™ and other software manufacturers he is alleged to have previously targeted with hate material.

After Lockdown2000.com instigated legal action against Keith Little, he instead targeted Evidence Eliminator™ with defamation. Regarding the World's #1 PC Security Utility Evidence Eliminator™ which has been featured on countless magazine covers:

"a tool for criminals and porn addicts to mask their activities on the internet....intended to assist in the coverup of criminal and/or disreputable acts... The efficacy of their product is obviously overstated..."
were the defamatory and ridiculous claims of "PcHelp" Keith Little, February 2002

We attempted to reason with Keith Little regarding his many newsgroup posts in which he alleges our advertising mis-describes Evidence Eliminator™. Surprisingly, he says that he's never used our software, and he doesn't even care how good it is. At the end of his sermon, positive feedback is discouraged: "In any case, if you're a happy Evidence Eliminator user, I don't want to hear from you about it". Allegedly he is trying to re-sell software and just wants publicity for his own Website. If you receive any malicious communications from Keith Little please forward them to legal@evidence-eliminator.com where we are collecting them for possible legal action.

At Robin Hood Software Ltd. we await the outcome of ongoing legal proceedings to determine Keith Little's future. We remain dedicated to protecting and serving the public against Internet threats!

Competitors spew false information

The green-eyed monster of pure, unadulterated envy seems to be in charge at RadSoft.net, one of Mr Green's favorite links. "radsoft.net is an organization of developers, sysadmins, lecturers and IT trainers founded in 1984." - claims RadSoft.net. But the truth is that RadSoft.net is a hate speech outlet, a failed software manufacturer that is jealous.

Their effort at copying our wonderful software:

"is all that the original Evidence Eliminator is....E3 is in all ways a superior application...."
Radsoft.net - official product sales literature, February 2002

The advertising is false. It sucks! RadSoft hosts approx 15 pages of anti-Evidence Eliminator™ propaganda. RadSoft's phoney URLs of bogus technical "reviews" and false information are traded on UseNet and seedy chat boards by haters.

General methods of Dis-Information.

False messages have been posted to security newsgroups alt.privacy and alt.security.pgp claiming that our Evidence Eliminator™ software does not work, "phones home" while the user is connected to the Internet, trashes hard disks, sends back data to a secret HQ, etc. All of these rumors are false. You don't have to trust us, you can test our program and prove it yourself.

  • False accusations that we "Spam" are often posted to newsgroups including alt.privacy, alt.security.pgp, comp.security.firewalls by anonymous, or semi-anonymous addresses. Actually we have never "Spammed". What is Spamming, and what is clearly not "Spamming" is defined by a generally respected Internet standard: "The Breidbart Index". This standard is used by ISPs to decide what is "Spam".

  • Bogus spam complaints attempting to stop us posting to USENET: If a false, fraudulent or dis-informative post about Evidence Eliminator™ software is observed by our staff in these USENET forums we may respond as we think fit, to counter dis-information, and protect our legitimate readers and customers from false information. We also make an infrequent and small number of informative announcements about our Evidence Eliminator™ to groups where our product has been already discussed. However, this falls outside the definition of "Spam". Some people will (and do) send out false messages about Evidence Eliminator™ and then attack our technically accurate corrective responses as "Spam". These people just want to stop you getting the total protection that Evidence Eliminator™ gives.

The E-mailing of bogus bug reports to our associates:

  • Our business associates have received strange messages alleging bugs in our program which do not exist. When you query it, the "disgruntled customer" usually makes a flap, backs-down and disappears. If you link to us, work with us, associate to us, post reviews or write news about our software, then we encourage you to double-check the credibility and authenticity of any such messages you receive.

The posting of false web pages on the World Wide Web:

  • Read about a new USA "company" called CyberScrub who we exposed in May 2000 for posting blatantly false information about our Evidence Eliminator™ software on their Internet site, Click Here CyberScrub have since removed the false information and we are still awaiting their public apology.

  • CyberScrub have penetrated Internet software distribution channels with dis-information about Evidence Eliminator™. They have obtained listings on software download sites, who's readers have been dis-informed by CyberScrub's false web page.

  • 26th March 2001: "Eric Lee Green" of Estinc.com has escalated his dis-information campaign to include a false and dis-informing web-page (see above)

The distribution of forged messages in our company name:

  • Our company signature has been used to make forged messages on Usenet. The forged messages are then re-posted on discussion forums with libelous statements attached.

The posting of false reviews on software download sites:

  • Software download sites like www.download.com allow surfers to post "reviews". Ample "Negative reviews" of Evidence Eliminator™ are faked by propaganda artists.

Who is doing this?

Do you wonder who is responsible for spreading these false rumors and who wants to stop you getting the complete protection that Evidence Eliminator™ provides? 

Who would want to stop you getting the world's #1 Anti-Forensic hard drive utility, proven to defeat forensic software as used by police and government agencies etc? This Page at the Federation of American Scientists could offer you a hint.

There are, unfortunately, those ineffectual types who have nothing better to do than snoop in your computer. Some resent Evidence Eliminator™ because it gives you complete protection against their investigations.

Evidence Eliminator™ Works!

Will this dis-information campaign destroy Evidence Eliminator™? Of course not! It's just childish behavior. The target of the dis-information is You, the customer. They want to stop You from getting the best protection. Please feel free to correct any dis-information you see or hear about our program!

Best Regards,
The Evidence Eliminator™ Development Team.


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