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Mike Meservy - President and CEO, Vultus, Inc.

Founded Vultus, formerly iBase Systems, in 1998

Mike Meservy serves as President and CEO of Vultus, Inc., which he founded with his partner in 1998. Mike has overseen Vultus' transition in focus from client/server applications to Web services application development, during which time Vultus has found opportunities in the public business, education, government, and utilities markets.

Previous to Vultus, Mike served as Director of IBM and Borland Solutions at GSE Erudite. While at GSE Erudite, he successfully started a new business unit focused on client/server development for midrange and mainframe platforms, and launched partnerships with IBM and Borland to provide these solutions. Prior to his work at GSE Erudite, he worked as an independent consultant focusing on the health care, utilities and education market segments.

Beginning in 1981, Mike was one of the key players in growing J&K Computer Systems, an education administration software company. He was instrumental in helping the company grow from 10 to over 1400 clients until 1986 when IBM acquired exclusive rights to market the company's software.


Kevin Auger - Vice President of Business Development, Vultus, Inc.

Joined Vultus in 2002

As Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Auger’s responsibilities include the worldwide development of strategic partners, market strategy, channel marketing programs, and strategic planning for Vultus innovative Web services products. Kevin has over 20 years of senior executive business experience in creating corporate brands, building industry momentum, and capturing market leadership for high technology solutions.

Prior to joining Vultus, Kevin provided marketing consulting to mid-size and start-up companies in areas of strategic business development, product management and marketing and channel sales. As VP of Product Management and Services Marketing at Gartner, Kevin led product marketing for Gartner’s innovative measurement and advisory products and services. Kevin joined Gartner through the acquisition of Interpose, Inc. where he retained Corporate Marketing responsibility. In this capacity, Kevin led efforts to bring decision-support software and cost analysis products to mainstream information technology businesses.

Prior to joining Gartner, Kevin held prominent senior level marketing positions with Novell Inc. and Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. As Director of Marketing for Novell, Kevin was responsible for the definition, worldwide delivery and marketing of Novell's NetWare product line. At E&S, Kevin helped pioneer 3D solid modeling software/hardware solutions.


Scott Lemon - Chief Strategy Officer, Vultus, Inc.

Joined Vultus in 2001

As chief strategy officer, Scott Lemon directs the overall technology vision and market strategy for Vultus, Inc. In this role, Scott provides executive counsel and direction, outlining Vultus' market strategies, validating its software architecture, fostering and strengthening its strategic partnerships and evangelizing its technical vision.

Scott comes from a strong technical background, with more than 17 years of experience specializing in Internet technologies, communications, collaboration and communities. During his career, Scott has served as a senior architect, analyst and consultant for a number of large and small corporations: researching industry trends, developing emerging market strategies, evangelizing corporate product vision and creating/delivering numerous presentations at national and international public conferences.

As an executive consultant and during other parts of his career, Scott has overseen the overarching business development and market strategies for the following companies: HumanXtensions (LLC), Novell, Network Integration, Network Computing, Inc. (acquired by Seagate Enterprise Management Systems) and Televideo Systems, Inc. Considered an expert in the field of high-tech emerging markets, Scott has participated in seminars and trade shows throughout the country. Scott has also worked with a number of key Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S.


Bruce Grant - Chief Architectural Officer, Vultus, Inc.

Joined Vultus in 1998

Bruce Grant has approximately 10 years of experience in software development and team leadership. As a founding member of Vultus (formerly iBase Systems), Bruce pioneered the development of a revolutionary framework for the creation of web-service enabled web applications.

During his tenure with Vultus, Bruce has been a force for the adoption of open solutions and web standards, embracing technologies including Java, XML and SOAP. Bruce has utilized new software development methodologies to create high-quality products at Internet speeds. Prior to Vultus, Bruce served as a project manager with Keane, Inc., assisting clients with the creation of distributed Internet solutions. Bruce has worked with a number of high-profile clients including Novell, Avnet, Questar and the Utah State government.