These patches were designed for SMC format ROMs


The game SFPW Queen's Special has interested me for a while due to its apparent lack of relation to the engines that run X Premium and the other SFPW games. I never really messed with it much due to the time constraints and a lack of information concerning both the game and women's wrestling. However, after playing 6MS, my interest was peaked when I realized that QS was the equivalent of a beta test for the 6MS game engine. This is obvious from the character graphics and the look of the EDIT (primarily Logic) and Battle Royal menus. Probably due to the graphics, the game is a bit slow and the animations need more frames (they appear very jerky), but the game is still very entertaining. Also, the game contains virtually every move that was cut out of XP. My guess is that Human took advantage of the development time for the game to try to work the bugs out of the moves that they had been unable to get working in XP. Also, QS is the only of the later Fire Pro games (that I've seen, at least) that has the Death Valley Bomb/Driver.

Unfortunately, the design is a good bit sloppier that with XP, so I was unable to do a table replacement translation. Rather than one massive label table, QS has small label tables strown throughout the ROM, making it too time consuming to attempt to document each so that a utility can be made. Also, QS has the annoying restriction of only allowing four letters for half of each wrestlers name. This makes it nearly impossible to put in the full names of the women wrestlers. I was able to put in five letters using a storage trick with only minor bugginess occuring in the Elimination mode, but any more letters causes strange text problems, so I had to shorten many of the wrestlers names (see the Identification page to see the wrestlers and names).


Thanks primarily to Pierre and Mike from the Manami Toyota Rules Yahoo! club, the wrestlers in the game have been virtually 100% identified. (There are a few unidentified EDIT images left and, I think, two slightly questionable wrestlers.) I've now converted the id pages to wrestler listing pages for faster loading (and since it is no longer necessary to display the images of the identified wrestlers, which causes SLOW loading). In the game, I replaced the bios in the Red Belt mode with stats which can be viewed on this page also. To see the page, click here.

Hidden Character SRAM

I figured some people may want to have the hidden characters unlocked without having to play through the challenge mode, so here is the SRAM that I have from when I played through with the character I used removed (so that players won't have to blank it every time they use it).

Translation Patches



Q: How mush is left untranslated?
A: Other than the names of the developers (which I have no interest in translating) and some clean-up of the move names, the patch is finished.

Q: How do you do the grappling Hidden moves?
A: You hold down and press Y+B (thanks to Drathius for this info). The "Super" move (same as Special) is still done by pressing Y+B.

Q: How many hidden characters are there?
A: Two (Bull Takano and Akira Hakuto).

Q: How do you unlock the hidden characters?
A: I did it by winning the Challenge's EDIT mode.

Q: What does "Shine" mean in the EDIT Logic section?
A: I don't know yet. Apparently, this is the same as the fourth front grapple section in X Premium, but no one that I've talked to knows what it means. The translations was "one's shining time". I assume this is the grappling for the character when they feel unbeatable. There is some evidence to suggest that this category is also used when the wrestler is attempting to make a comeback.

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