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Charter Member Physicians

Adams,Gregory M.D. , Boone , North Carolina
Anderson,Jane M.D., SanFrancisco, California
Anderson,James M.D., High Point, North Carolina
Bell, Reed M.D. , Gulf Breeze, Florida
Benton,Thomas M.D., Gainesville, Florida
Billingsly, Marilyn Maxwell M.D., St.Louis, Missouri
Boccarossa,Gerry D.O., Bristol, Tennessee
Brassart, Jeffrey M.D. , Madison, Alabama
Butler, Adrienne M.D., Waycross,Georgia
Cartwright,James M.D. , Madison, Alabama
Claybrook,Phillip M.D.,Bristol,Tennessee
Cook,Barton M.D., Montgomery, Alabama
Cooper,Jeffrey M.D. , Duluth, Georgia
Craig,Ann Marie M.D., Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
deMiranda , Federico M.D., Ft Smith, Arkansas
Denny,Kevin Scott M.D., Huntsville, Alabama
Diamond,Eugene M.D., Chicago,Illinois
Eakin Festa,Eliane M.D., North Brunswick,New Jersey
Fischer,Frank M.D., Kingsport,Tennessee
Fletcher, Michael M.D., Bristol,Tennessee
Glover,Martin M.D., Montgomery, Alabama
Grunstra,Bernard M.D.,Bristol,Tennessee
Jones,Woodson Scott M.D., Bethesda, Maryland
June, Patricia Lee M.D., Moultrie, Georgia
Kaleida, Phillip M.D., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Keiter,William M.D. , Kinston,North Carolina
LeCraw,Deborah M.D.,Bristol,Tennessee
Lewis,Donald M.D. Kingsport,Tennessee
Lonas, Robert M.D., Boone ,North Carolina
Mann, Robert Willliam M.D., Mansfield, Texas
Mercier,Thomas M.D. , Mattituck, New York
Michal,William M.D., High Point, North Carolina
Miller,Ronald M.D., Gallatin, Tennessee
Montgomery,John M.D., Columbus,Indiana
Moraflores,Fernando M.D., Bluff City, Tennessee
Morrison,David M.D., Montgomery, Alabama
Nelson, Fredric M.D., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Payne, William Richard M.D.,Cartersville, Georgia
Pearson, James Michael M.D., Johnson City, Tennessee
Poston,Mary Allison Scott M.D., High Point,North Carolina
Quick,Sharon M.D., Bonney Lake ,Washington
Rakowsky, Alexander M.D., Bethesda, Maryland
Ravenel, Samuel M.D., High Point, North Carolina
Rogers, Howard M.D., Gainesville,Florida
Saxer,Robert M.D., Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Simon, Jeffrey M.D., Montgomery, Alabama
Smith,Carrie M.D. Cartersville, Georgia
Spruill,William M.D., Roanoke, Virginia
Tompkins, Charles M.D., Tucson, Arizona
Trumbull,Den M.D., Montgomery, Alabama
van der Jagt, Elise Willem M.D., Rochester, NewYork
Vasser,Donald M.D., Shiprock, NewMexico
Young,Richard M.D. , Cartersville, Georgia
Willson,Leah M.D. , Hutchinson, Minnesota
Wilson,Robert M.D., Pensacola, Florida
Wright,Jean M.D., Savannah, Georgia
Zanga,Joseph M.D., Greenville, North Carolina

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"The Mission of the ACPeds is to enable all children to reach their optimal physical and emotional health and well-being. To this end, we recognize the basic father-mother family unit to be the optimal setting for childhood development, but pledge our support to all children, regardless of their circumstances."

"Children are the future of our nation and society. As such, they deserve to be reared in the best possible family environment and supported by physicians committed to ensuring their optimal health and well-being. The members of the ACPeds are those physicians."

"ACPeds promotes a society where all children, from the moment of their conception, are valued unselfishly. We encourage mothers, fathers and families to advance the needs of their children above their own. We expect societal forces to support the two-parent, father-mother family unit and provide for children role models of ethical character and responsible behavior."