Player pianos are fun!

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Hey, what's a player piano? It's a piano that plays automatically - no musician required. These wonderful machines are being made today, have been around since the nineteenth century and enjoyed their heyday in the 1920s, when a well-equipped home had to have a player piano.

Welcome to the home of AMICA, where we have been enjoying and spreading the word about player pianos and automated musical instruments for nearly forty years. We love player pianos, music boxes, carousel organs and all kinds of musical instruments that play themselves, and we welcome you to join in on the fun.

The Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors' Association, conceived and born in San Francisco in 1963, and now having members around the world, is a non-profit, tax exempt group devoted to the restoration, distribution and enjoyment of musical instruments that play by themselves. Our interests include player pianos, reproducing pianos, music boxes, nickelodeons, circus organs and many other types of organs, orchestrions and more.