Kiss: Creatures of the Night: Pitchfork Review
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Cover Art Kiss
Creatures of the Night
[Mercury Remasters Series]
Rating: 1.5

With both Eric Carr (drums) and Vinnie Vincent (the departed Ace Frehley's replacement) secured, Kiss decided "Fuck it. Let's make it loud." Indeed, this album is quite loud, and not exactly in a good way. Sadly, this was the end of Kiss as we knew them, and by that, I mean the make up came off after this one. But what do you expect when you cowrite a couple of songs with none other than a pre- "Summer of '69" Bryan Adams (including the one that foretold his entire career, "Rock and Roll Hell.") Better than The Elder, still nowhere near as good as an anonymous handjob on the bus.

-Jason Josephes

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