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symbol: stool
variations: Teng , Tung , Teng
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Deng(4) is ranked 34th in China's 100 most common surnames.

Deng(4) has three different origins.

It originated from the surname Zi(3) and descended from Xia Yu. Xia Yu's grandson Zhongkang, conferred his son to a place named Denglin and he founded the Deng Kingdom. Later, it was destroyed during the Shang Dynasty. The citizens of Deng thus adopted the nation's name as their surname.

Deng(4) also originated from the surname Man(4) and it descended from the Shang Dynasty's royal clans. Emperor Shang, named Wuding, sent his uncle to Deng and founded the Deng Kingdom. He also bestowed upon his uncle the surname Man(4), thus the Kingdom was known as Dengman, later destroyed by the Chu Kingdom. Some citizens used one of the characters in the nation's name, Deng, as their own surname.

Thirdly, Deng(4) originated from the surname Li(3) and descended from the Nantang royal family. The Emperor of Nantang, Li Yu, made his eighth son King Deng.

Deng(4) developed in its origin place, Henan. During the Warring States period in the Qin and Han Dynasty, Deng(4) spread to Sichuan, Shanxi, Guangdong and Jiangsu. During the end of the Western Jin period, it spread to Gansu and Fujian. Coming to the Ming Dynasty, the Deng(4)s moved to Taiwan. They are mainly located in Nanyang, Anding, Gaomi, Xinye, Luling, Guangan, Yiyang, Nanan, Chenggu, Pingyang, Changsha, Chenjun and Anhua."

Famous Personalities

Deng Shichang - a famous navy commander during the Qing Dynasty.

Deng Yinchao - a famous feminism activist of recent times who was the wife of Zhou Enlai.

Deng Xiaoping - a famous politician of recent times in China who once held the positions of the republic's central chief secretary, the nation's chairman and the chairman of military."

Deng Ai - a famous general during the Three Kingdoms period in the Shu Kingdom.

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