The Outer Limits

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SEASON 7 (SCI FI Original Episodes)

01 A New Life
A group of twentysomethings think they are embarking on a new, stress-free life, but discover they are actually being bred to be slaves to an alien species.

02 The Vessel
An arrogant best-selling author, traveling as a civilian onboard a space shuttle, encounters an alien being who causes him to take stock of his life.

03 Patient Zero
A man goes back in time to find the origin of a plague that wipes out the Earth's population.

04 Family Values
American Beauty meets Bicentennial Man. Jerry Miller is a hard-working father and husband who buys a robot to help him around the house. Little does he know this robot plans to take the role of head of the family.

05 The Surrogate
A young woman is desperate for money, so she becomes a surrogate mother for a loving couple. Unbeknownst to her, the baby she is carrying is far from normal and healthy.

06 Mona Lisa
Think Thelma & Louise — except Louise is a human-looking and human-acting android.

07 Dark Child
A single mother, who believes she was abducted by aliens, struggles to deal with horrendous memories.

08 Alienshop
An elderly alien helps people by using a strange device to cure their ills and solve their problems.

09 In the Blood
A spaceship travels into the "blood" of the universe.

10 Replica
Successful in the real world, the clone of a woman comes back to take the life that she thinks is her own, and won't let anything stand in the way.

11 Think Like a Dinosaur
A reptilian alien species offers to help Earth join a peaceful galactic society — for a price. (Based on the Hugo Award-winning short story by James Patrick Kelly that was also produced for SCIFI.COM's Seeing Ear Theatre.)

12 Flower Child
A beautiful young woman mysteriously shows up in an apartment complex and quickly becomes the object of desire for all men. The woman is, in fact, a man-eating alien plant who has incredible seduction powers, and she is searching for a particular human to bear her children.

13 Worlds Within
A female physicist suffering from a terminal disease is able to communicate with a deformed boy who is barely a living organ.

14 Free Spirit
A strange entity infests schizophrenics in an asylum, and slowly all the medical personnel turn up dead.

15 Mindreacher
A female psychiatrist goes into people's subconscious minds to rid them of their demons.

16 Time to Time
A graduate student in the present era is recruited by a time-travel agency just before she is about to die in a freak car accident.

17 Abduction
Five teenagers find themselves in what appears to be their high school, but it turns out to be a strange place in a parallel universe from which there seems to be no escape. Their only hope for a way out is for them to pick one of their group to die for the others.

18 Rule of Law
A circuit court arrives on a frontier planet where the inhabitants have never encountered a formal judicial system.

19 Lion's Den
A pressured hig- school wrestling coach gives his team an experimental new drug to help them get to the state championships.

20 The Tipping Point
A computer whiz must destroy a deadly artificial intelligence.

21 The Human Factor
For humankind to survive, a Space Commander must convince an android that humanity is worthy of existence.

22 Human Trials
A decorated soldier undergoes life-and-death tests for a mysterious mission.