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    Chapter 1 - Entrance Fee Released! | Posted on 2/9/2003 4:02:25 PM by Kalashnikov
    Thatís right! The first chapter of my story based on the loveable Sven Co-op Mod is now out and is undergoing editing. If you want to help me out, check out my story which has been released on Creepsworld.com! Yea!

    Chapter 1 - Entrance Fee

    Can be found HERE.

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    We Are One... | Posted on 2/9/2003 8:16:16 AM by The-Real-Game
    " Hmmm, whats this. Good god Creepsworld are actually releasing more than one review a month!! "

    Yes thats right, in under a week there have been 7 new reviews!
    So let me round up the new reviews by yours truly, BMT and Kalashnikov.

    Jailbreak has been reviewed by our rather talented storywriter Kalashnikov, the maps score wasn't as good as kalashnikovs stories though!

    ETC For SvenCoop has been put under BMTs all seeing eye, and recieved a rather favourable score too.

    BeachXP also faced up to BMT and came out rather well!

    Escape was reviewed by me after much begging from the maker and Creepsworld team member Mutant ;)

    So have fun reading the reviews and be prepared for more in the coming weeks!

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    Back from the dead. | Posted on 2/8/2003 5:40:09 AM by Mutant
    Hey everyone, I'm back! :D

    If any of you remember me, then I certainly salute your loyalty to creepsworld.com. Otherwise, if you don't, I used to be a reviewer here at creepsworld.com a long while ago. I arrived at the team after BMTwigzta joined, and before The-Real-Game did. Basically put, that's a very long time ago. I'm back again though (for all the wrong reasons, but you'll hear more about that later) and I have a pair of reviews for you:

    Central Assault 1.0 - I've totally rewritten the review of probably the best released map to come from Hezus, to reflect the final version he's just released.

    Why... - And I've also reviewed the follow up to DeltaR, a map by our very own The-Real-Game, Why... Positively a map that's hard to decide on, because of the equal amount of good and bad points about it.

    Interestingly, both the maps scored the same result, perhaps they're related?... Nevertheless, expect more content coming from me in the while.

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    It's The End Of The Review Shortage As We Know It. And I Feel Fine... | Posted on 2/6/2003 7:29:27 AM by The-Real-Game
    Well, it seems here at Creepsworld we've been rather lazy with our reviews and articles lately.

    However if you've visted in the last week or so you should have noticed my review of
    Endolayliths space ship based Mass Murder 2 , so if you enjoy battles in space you might want to check it out!

    Mass Murder 2 Review

    Also just a day or two ago I posted my newest review. The map in question is the classic Dogs map series
    made by Collin. It's been around for ages and a review has been long overdue. So if you've never played it before I suggest you look at it right now!

    Dogs Review

    Make sure you keep your eyes firmly on this site, as we will have plenty more reviews and articles in the coming weeks!

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    Half-Life: The Last Standing. | Posted on 1/28/2003 8:19:20 AM by Kalashnikov
    For those of you who haven't heard yet, I (Kalashnikov) am writing a "piece of fiction about Sven Co-op". It features a full cast of everyone who plays Sven Co-op! Full online names! It takes place at... Well, you'll have to read it to get that much, but I have gotten some pretty good reactions from people so far and I have gotten about five requests by some SC players to be certain people. The main Sven Co-op Team itself is the members of Creepsworld.com! I love the feedback I am getting, suggestions I am receiving and the ideas you are dishing out. I have even been told that there is someone who had been designing a mod that partially follows my background storyline!

    Anyways, it takes information from single player mods of half-life (like Poke646, USS Darkstar and others) as well as some references to multiplayer half-life mods. I am trying to get the whole community involved so they have something to say "I helped them out in that" to. Well, I'll hold back the actual "Story" part and give you the background information. If I made any errors (and believe me, I had somehow jumped from a warehouse to a mess hall in two scentences flat once...) let me know @ kalashnikov@creepsworld.com . If you have any ideas or what to have your name in here, e-mail me at the same address or check the Sven Co-op.com Forums or even post in these forums! Just don't walk out your front door and yell "KAL! I WANT TO BE IN IT" because I won't hear it (unless you live right next door to me).

    You can find the storyline here.

    Well, stay tunned!

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    Messed Forum - [Updated] | Posted on 1/23/2003 6:25:57 AM by DAN200
    As you may well have noticed recently, something very wrong has happened to the forum, if you were to look at it now, you would see a bog-standard MySQL error. But that's not the whole story, if you were to look at it a few days ago, the forum had been hacked/replaced/just plain messed up by a website going by the name of "lavangth.com" (or something like that, I don't recall exactly), who seem to have somehow replaced all the forum categories with their own, and erased the posts while they were at it. Very strange, and quite possibly a major security flaw in phpBB. So far, knowbody on the team, not even Creeps, seems to know why or how this happened.

    In other news, Kalasnikov has written a very good work of fiction based on svenco-op, which you can read HERE. Its funny, because its stars svenco-op community members as characters. Worth a skim through at the very least :)

    Finally, the top 50 svenco-op map vote has ended, the results have been compiled, and we will be publishing the outcome and associated textfoolery in the coming weeks.

    Update from Creeps:
    Yeah, it's official. We've been hacked. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger *yay how original* Just in the process of uploading phpBB 2.0.4 which fixes the nice bug which the hacker exploited to rape the forum. Unfortunately for the hacker, he didn't get to the database which contained all the posts, topics, members etc. so we'll have that back again soon (I hope). I'll post about it if I get the forum running again.

    Another update from Creeps:
    Fixed the forums, managed to get back all the posts. Atleast, 98% of them all. Have fun

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    The Top 50 Map Vote is nearly over! Get your vote in!!! | Posted on 1/17/2003 11:05:50 AM by BMTwigzta
    Well it's nearly been a whole month since the map vote was started and we've had a superb response. We'd like to thank all those who have voted but we know there are way more of you out there that can't be bothered voting. For christ sake people this is the first ever map vote in SvenCoop's history! Be part of history and let your 5 choices be known! Don't be shy if your votes are from the 1.3 era or earlier! Remember you do not have to register to vote as you can quite easily send The-Real-Game an email with your choices, as stated below... So let's get a voting rush going people! GO GO GO!

    ANY DOUBLE POSTS WILL BE DELETED, please do not say anything other than your top 5 maps and reasons why, we don't want any flames or attempts to take this off topic, you will most likely recieve an official warning if you break the rules. You may only have one vote per person as well.

    Please Note : ETC and Gut Reaction cannot be voted for as they are conversions and were not originally made for sven coop.
    Also your top 5 cannot include the same map more than once and for the love of god dont put different versions of maps, just the map name, not for example infiltrate gold and infiltrate beta 2, just infiltrate.

    In case you missed that, you should only vote for FIVE (5) maps. YOUR top 5 will be added with everyone elses and calculated into the overall top 50.

    You can vote using any ONE of these three methods, whichever suits you best...

    Posting a reply to the Top 50 Thread in the Creepsworld Forums...
    Vote Here

    Posting a reply to the Top 50 Thread in the SvenCo-op Forums...
    Or Vote Here

    Sending an email to The-Real-Game with the subject Top 50 SC Map Vote...
    Or Vote Here


    After much conferrence between CW staff members it has been ruled that voting for your own map is NOT allowed. This may spark a few arguments but it seems the majority of people believe it to be immoral (or as most put it, "not right") as well as some believing it to be a form of rigging the vote.

    So there you go, get busy voting NOW for the top 50 SvenCo-op maps of all time!!!

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    Never is finally here! | Posted on 1/7/2003 4:23:15 PM by BMTwigzta
    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls....

    7 months in the making and it's finally here, Never by BMTwigzta.

    The operation was a joke. We were tricked. Fooled into travelling to Xen on a "top priority" mission, instead being deceived and thrown into captivity, sold away by the very man that sent us. Why are we still alive?

    Damnit what was that drug they gave us.... I can't stop hearing voices. Thank God we were took through that mental course back on the home dimension. I hope the voices end soon.

    Teaser Screenshot

    Download Recent Version

    Comment in the SvenCo-op Map Showcase thread

    Version 2 just released! (8th Jan) ..Fixed a rather annoying slave model bug! Click link above. Enjoy!

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    Sven Co-op trailer | Posted on 1/5/2003 4:27:14 PM by Creeping Death
    Lento has released a pretty cool SvenCo-op trailer, he made it together with his friend Kenito. It's more of a musicvideo really, featuring some punk song. It's pretty cool!

    You can download Low, medium or high quality versions at this website.

    And let him and us know what you think about this movie!

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    Top 50 Maps Update | Posted on 1/4/2003 1:59:22 PM by The-Real-Game
    Sorry to sound pushy about voting, but we would really apprechiate it if you did. The turnout is pretty poor at the moment considering there's so many active forum members and generally a large amount of people in the community, so far there's been around 60 or so votes, in a community which is a hell of alot larger.

    I mean this top 50 represents the sven coop communities opinion on what are the best 50 maps released for sven coop are. And if you don't vote your not getting your opinion across are you? It only takes a couple of minutes to email or post your top 5 maps! So if your a regular on the forums or if your not we don't care, the thing we care about is your vote and opinions on what your top 5 maps are, so please vote now if you haven't already!!

    Remember You Can Vote By:
    Posting a reply to the Top 50 Thread in the Creepsworld Forums...
    Vote Here

    Posting a reply to the Top 50 Thread in the SvenCo-op Forums...
    Or Vote Here

    Sending an email to Me (The-Real-Game) with the subject Top 50 SC Map Vote...
    E-Mail me Your Top 5 Here

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