Nullsoft TV Worldwide Public Access is an attempt to duplicate the immensely entertaining public access TV phenomenon online. The stream utilizes NSV and SHOUTcast. Anybody can submit original content, and with few restrictions we will put it in the playlist.

To watch, click here (If you have Winamp3 installed and would prefer to watch using it, click here). You must have a decent DSL or cable connection or better to watch NTV Public Access.

Current programming:
  • A LASER lightshow set to Nullsoft band music.
  • Juman Tang, Pro Wrestler.
  • Getaway in Rome, by Cody Oliver.
  • Unclogging the toilet, by Justin and Cody.
  • Jonathan takes you to Monkey Island, Japan.
  • Derek shows you Canadian lifestyle, both in the office and on the road.
  • A joke from Joshua of Analogue.
  • Some phat hiphop stylings.
To encode content, use NSVenc with the switch "/profile=ntvpa", then upload it to, l/p: public/access, and put it in /public-access-uploads. Better instructions, easier tools and a form for submitting is coming real soon. In the mean time if you wish to add content, email