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Aurora Universe

The Chronicles of the Homo Supremis

by SharonBest

Warning: Due the subjective nature of reality, portions of this Web Page might not truly exist.

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Angel of Death

The rules can change from one reality to another. In this case, the roles of Arion and Velorian are reversed. The Vels are the bad guys, conquering planets to expand their hated Enlightenment. The Arion military is trying to protect Earth and other Terran-inhabited planets from the cruel warrior's of Velor.

From the pointed fingernails to the metal arm bands to her fierce expression, not to mention those bare shoulders and fantastic muscles, everything about this picture says that this is a woman to be feared. In this case, she's about to sink those invulnerable nails through the titanium body-armor of a Betan soldier, digging them deeply into his chest to fling his body miles upward into the air.

Going through the Arion defenders like a hungry jackal among kittens, she's the most feared Velorian on Earth. She knows only death, and if she brings any gift to her victims, it's that of instant annihilation. The rest of the starving and disease-ridden Terrans and their struggling Arion defenders will die a much slower death.

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The Setting of the Aurora Universe

This page contains a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories about a genetically-engineered race called the Homo Sapiens Supremis. The Supremis are members respectively of the Velorian Enlightenment and the Arion Empire.

The Homo Sapiens Supremis race that is described in these stories originated in the Scandinavian countries of old Earth around 1000AD prior to their abduction by a scientifically advanced alien race. The aliens subsequently intervened in the course of human development by using genetic nanotechnology to improve the abductees' physical abilities far beyond those of ordinary humans. 

The resulting Homo Sapiens Supremis race is composed of individuals whose genes contain a synthesis of human and alien DNA. They look like perfect human specimens, and they think and often act like ordinary humans. But as you will find if you travel further into the Aurora Universe, they are, in reality, most un-ordinary. 


To learn more about the Supremis race, check out the Velorian FAQ


If you're cruising around the Web merely looking for nudity, go somewhere else. You won't like my Page, for it has only a bit here and there, and pretty tame stuff at that. Instead, this Page is dedicated to the unfettered power of the adult imagination, and my art is suggestive, not satiating.

What you will find inside are stories that recall the ancient art of storytelling, stories of places impossibly far away and filled with characters of unlimited power, of stunning beauty and depraved violence and soaring love. Erotic heroines, evil warriors, powerful goddesses, ordinary men, extraordinary men... they are all the subjects of my chronicles. My scenes will hopefully transport you to another world and a different time, to places where the Myriad Ways of your most feverish imagination are all possible.  



These stories are written for Mature Readers, but are otherwise acceptable to a general audience. This Page explores one potential future of mankind, that of extreme physical evolution. As a result, the occasional acts of violence or passion described on these pages would be impossible for ordinary humans to perform. The Homo Supremis is an advanced human species that was genetically engineered on another planet after starting with the basic human genome from Earth. Unfortunately, the Homo Supremis, as the self-described arrogance of their  name indicates, still retain most of mental characteristics and social dysfunctions of ordinary humans. That includes our unrestrained passion, including the  human tendency toward violence.

These stories are written strictly for the private non-commercial enjoyment of the authors and of those who share an interest in one potential outcome of the future of genetic engineering and genetic nanotechnology.

The origins and the explicit nature of my characters genetically-enhanced abilities are all unique to these stories. Any resemblance between any character in these stories and real people is unintentional. A story on this page is denoted as 'fan-fiction' if it involves trademarked names from other publishers, but is otherwise an original work by the author(s).

License is granted to freely copy or distribute the stories from this Web Page as long you give the author(s) credit and that you leave all copyright, Web Page and author notices in place on all copies. I explicitly DO NOT grant the right to use any of the contents of this page for any commercial purposes whatsoever. I'm not making any money on this, so you shouldn't either!

It is my goal that these stories will forever be free for reading by anyone, anywhere in the Sol System. The use of my stories is also limited to the dimension and timeline of the Earth on which they were originally published.  However, permission may be requested for use of this material in other solar systems, dimensions and galaxies by writing the author and describing the place and purpose for such use. A detailed description of such places must be provided when seeking permission for use.

Most of all, this page is for what a famous Star Trek episode labeled Grups, a term I've adopted to describe grown-ups who still have a fun-loving and fertile imagination, and who have a love of science fiction and fantasy. Who still enjoy the wonder of comic books from time to time.

Who like to imagine all the Myriad Ways of interaction between human and superhuman.

Most importantly, it's for people who don't take this Web Page too seriously.

Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002

Sharon Best

While this page and its characters are  intended to be non-infringing on any existing copyrights or trademarks, Wonder Woman, Superman and Supergirl are mentioned for reasons of historical reference to mythical enhanced humans and are clearly copyrighted by  DC Comics.

Any pictures or descriptions that appear here are copyrighted by their respective studios, artists or authors and are displayed for non-commercial, research purposes into extraterrestrial involvement on Earth, in accordance with Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright  Act of 1976, as amended on October 24, 1992 and the directives of Department 7 of the Office for Alien Investigations (OAI), 1093 Columbia Avenue, Washington, DC.

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