Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 3, 2000 (13 Imix, 9 Tzotz, 9 Eb)

Blessings! Joy, Prosperity and Peace to you all! We come with an important message. Today, we approach the time for the opening of yet another star-gate. This moment is set to coincide with the ending of this galactic month and the coming of your next full moon on 10 Batz, 19 Tzotz, 9 Eb (October 13, 2000). We ask that you view this moment as a most propitious one. At that point of time, you will have the addition of yet another grand portal that leads to and from A-E-O-N. With it, Lord Surea has decreed that Heaven will intensify its sacred efforts to accelerate your physical and spiritual changes. In addition, we have requested that the various Galactic Federation of Light fleets above you submit their new proposals concerning the completion of their first contact with you. We remain fully committed and totally focused on altering those inner perceptions of yours, which have stubbornly kept us apart. Here, we profoundly desire that you fully commit and support those changes that are now occurring both within and around you. They will soon bring you some marvelous surprises.

      Keep in mind that many important distractions will pop up around your world. Be aware of this. Employ your great focus to bend them in a direction that best serves our shared and sacred mission. This mission is nearing a critical phase. Dear Ones, you are close to producing the type of consciousness field that, literally, can 'flip' you into a different reality. Presently, this wave is growing at a most wondrous rate. Its release can trigger our arrival. In addition, Heaven is forging those patterns that, instantly, can transform your inner-core perceptions. These two events are appointed by Heaven to collide at a prescribed time. When they do, you will be suddenly and conclusively thrust into the wonders of full consciousness. Blessed Hearts, you are moving, inevitably, toward this result. Never lose sight of this one fact, and fully understand that you are never alone. Even in your most desperate times we are there, fervently accomplishing what your many lifetime agreements have permitted us to do. We are a divine team and we are moving steadily toward our shared time of victory!

      Every moment in your transformation has been created by agreements carefully reached between Heaven and your Full Self. This Full Self has, at its core, your Mighty I Am Presence. Surrounding your Mighty I Am Presence are vast Angelic Councils, countless sacred heavenly Orders and the many lifetimes that you have spent in physicality. This accumulated wisdom has been collected to assist you. In applying it, you have gleaned principles upon which you have based your current life contract. It contains many clauses that allow you to alter the course of this lifetime. In most of you, this process is currently underway. We in Heaven are extremely pleased that you have jointly opted for a much quicker resolution to your present situation. These negotiations are being carried out, in addition to those that we have mentioned previously. Together, they clearly signal that your moment of final transformation is not very far away. Each day, in fact, it draws ever closer. You need to examine this complex process in a new light. You must see it as a dual process.

      Outwardly, this process can appear to be quite random. Inwardly, it possesses a definite cohesiveness. This inner pattern is lovingly imprinted with designs established by the divine plan. Their purpose is to act as a sacred computer program, which is guiding you toward complete acceptance of your divine destiny. For this to be accomplished, the divine patterning surrounds your present thought-forms and your inner core perceptions. At the right time, these patterns will gently override your present controllers and prepare you subconsciously to accept a more divine outlook. This new attitude will be greatly assisted by the transformational wave currently flourishing in your global consciousness. It is being further assisted by mutations occurring in your RNA/DNA and in the birthing of your new energy centers. Consequently, most events befalling you are brought about to demonstrate that your reality is no longer the same. As you can see, each process contributes to the efficacy of the other.

      Change occurs in a manner that, usually, is quite sublime. Unnoticed at first, it makes a major splash only when appropriate, at which point it literally reorders your world. As usual, change has duly arrived with its appearance masked. Yet, those capable of looking in a discerning manner see that it is present. Such Beings are profoundly aware that its renowned topsy-turvy moment is not very far off. The secret cabals currently in power in this realm also comprehend their precarious situation. The time designated for their rule is ending. It is close to being transformed into something more liberating. Dear Ones, take these things as a given. Learn to fully appreciate who you are and where you are destined to be. In all cases, it is into a state of full consciousness and into a world that accepts you with honor and compassion. Moreover, it is into a realm filled with abundance and the fulfillment of your true desires.

      This new world already exists but you are not yet ready, collectively, to accept it. You are encumbered with old perceptions that obscure your inner vision. Their tyranny is nearing its end. Together, we are modifying them into Beings who can accept Love and mirror what, presently, surrounds you. Until that time, we will work together to accomplish what needs to be done. Every day, we prepare each of you for your new vision. A support team that is both physical and spiritual assists this operation. We sincerely thank all the great healers that have helped so many of you to endure your inner and outer traumas. We thank the Galactic Federation Medical Teams that have guided you through many types of emotional and physical distress. Lastly, we salute your inner councils, which have established the guidelines for your many healings.

      YOU are this team's focus. You are in transition and you are not alone. Added to those members that we have already mentioned in the last paragraph are you. You have combined, globally, to work miracles. You have performed your daily rituals and learned to support one another. You have produced programs that are making a difference in your communities. Every day, your energies help your peers to step forward and commit to helping this process to succeed. These magnificent things have allowed newly awakening Beings on your world to not feel alone and to accept that they are part of a massive global process. As they are added, they are able to sense this growing time of change and to lend their abilities to this procedure. These events show all who observe your world the inevitability of your great transformation into fully conscious Beings.

      This process is overseen by Lord Surea and guided by Lady Assyria. They assure all who listen that Heaven's sacred Will shall be done. This complex process includes the arrival of special personnel from the Galactic Federation of Light upon your shores. They gratefully await their arrival and wish you to know that they Love you. Their Love is that of one family member for another. It is perfect and given without condition. This moment will happen soon. We ask that you continue to grow and accept that physical Creation teems with highly sentient life forms. Countless societies have grown together and left their planetary womb. That grand step is about to become yours. Cherish what is happening, blessed Hearts, and very deeply cherish all the countless blessings that you have received and, shortly, will receive.

      Today, we discussed the process that is transforming you. This divine operation is set into motion by the decrees of the divine plan. Now, it is approaching those points at which this process can begin to affect your inner core perceptions. For us, this is an exciting moment. We ask that you remain focused and continue to do those things that aid this sacred procedure. We now take our leave. Blessings to all of you. May Peace, Compassion and Prosperity be thy way! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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