93:  Where can I get Emacs for Windows NT?

  * Congruent's NTEmacs

    Conguent Corporation's Windows NT port of Emacs 19.16, "ntemacs.exe",
    can be found in microlib.cc.utexas.edu:/microlib/nt/gnu/gnubin.tar.Z.
    Congruent sells support and can be reached at (212) 431-5100.

  * Voelker's NTEmacs

    NTEmacs is a port of Emacs 19.17 to Windows NT which is maintained by
    Geoff Voelker <voelker@cs.washington.edu>.  It is known to run on Intel
    x86, MIPS R4000, DEC Alpha AXP, and PowerPC architectures.  While it
    doesn't use native NT windowing, it does support processes, the mouse,
    and most other features of Emacs.

    You can get a copy of NTEmacs from


    A beta test version of Emacs 19.27 ported to Windows NT is available
    from june.cs.washington.edu:pub/voelker/trial and will be incorporated
    in a future release of Emacs.