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Top 10 SF Video Rentals

1. Angel Season One
2. Rings platinum edition
3. X-Men 1.5
4. Buffy Season Three
5. Spirited Away
6. Donnie Darko
7. Young Frankenstein
8. Spy Kids 2
9. The Day the Earth Stood Still
10. Metropolis

Source:, top-selling genre DVDs, 2/12/03

9:00am ET, 12-December-01

 Berman Defends 'Faith'

Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman told SCI FI Wire that he's well aware of the fact that many Trekkers dislike "Faith of Heart," the theme song written by Oscar-winning composer Diane Warren and performed by European superstar Russell Watson. Despite the controversy--adamant fans went so far as to sign petitions and stage a protest at Paramount Pictures--Berman makes no apologies for "Faith of Heart."

Berman said using the song was intended both to make Enterprise a more contemporary series and to differentiate it from any previous Trek adventure. "I'm in the horrible minority of people who like the song," Berman said in an interview. "I think it fits beautifully."

Added Berman, who's currently in production on the Next Generation film Star Trek: Nemesis, "I think it's a song that's got a lot of hopefulness and uplifting qualities to it. And I like it. I've met a lot of other people who like it, but I've also heard a tremendous amount of banter about people who don't. And what's a Star Trek series without something for people to hate?" Enterprise airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on UPN.

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