Alana Boltwood's Home Page

I am just toooooo lazy to maintain web pages, put colourful buttons on them, or scan in pictures of my pet fruitflies. I doubt that it will entertain anyone. (It's Verne! was originally a commentary on personal web sites, with which I heartily agreed.) But as of October 2000, here is a little bit about me:

Here are some miscellaneous things for you to check out:

  • Check out SOAR for a searchable archive of tens of thousands of recipes. You'll never need a cookbook again.
  • An article of interest to the gay community: The Secret Closet
  • If Software Companies Sold Clothes (spoof)
  • As a volunteer for the National Capital FreeNet, I wrote some guidelines on taking polls and surveys online. Most of them are applicable to any online survey, not just on NCF. Please do not reproduce these guidelines without permission.
  • My friend Joel Polowin has a bunch of yummy recipes on his webpage.
  • Why I don't bother trying to trap mice.
  • Once upon a time I wrote a bunch of stuff about involuntary celibacy. If you have difficulty starting romantic relationships, or you've never dated anyone, check out my article. A lot of people have found it helpful.

    If you found this page because you are looking for a room to rent in Ottawa: I have sold my house, so unfortunately you must continue your search. Good luck!

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