Alarma/Frontline Records, 1990

"A real gem that hasn't lost it's energy after almost a decade, and whose impact will probably never be known." -OpusZine.net |Full Review|



1. Kill the Sarx
2. While Reprobate
3. Beggar
4. Lights Out
5. Later (L.A. 1998)
6. Groovy
7. Glass God
8. As the Story Grows
9. U
10. A Freedom Cry
11. Scapegoat
12. Wonder Why
13. DITC
14. Self
15. Look Into My Side
16. Kill the Sarx II


Disc artwork for "Sin Disease" I believe (could be wrong though) that this is from the 2nd US pressing for Alarma records, because one of the copyright dates is 1995

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All Songs © Broken Songs (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved. Use by Permission
Additional string arrangements on "Look into my side" by Terry Taylor
Female Vox on "A Freedom Cry" courtesy of Riki Michelle
(Thanx to Broken Records for the loan)
"Shouters" in the mountains of Zion:
Tony Shore, Riki, Brian Miller, Terry, Ramald, Omar
Children on "Lights Out"
Angela Blakely, David & Jenae Ramirez, Xuandelle Domkus
Additional BGV's Jav
Additional keys on "Look Into My Side": Drew Domkus
Additonal Guitars: Tools, Ed Lover, Greg Flesch
Greg Lawless courtesy of Broken Records
Lounge Piano & Horns on "Kill the Sarx II" by Greg Flesch
Voices - Terry, Ramald, Sam & Omar
Legal Representation - Craig Weinstein
Rehearsals: Awesome Audio, North Hollywood
Graphics by DREWZIG

Thanks (in no particular order of importance): C-stone, Chuck the meek, Cindy Lamb, Drew Fisher, FMG, Greg Sastrum, H.R., Lou Becaria, Mark "Bam Bam" Robinson, Mark IV Printing, North Hollywood, Our faithful "Few", Pat Nobody, Preston & Dave, Tibor, Tim Anderson, Troy Horn, VCFB, Dave Raven (for tuning the traps), Ma and Pa Finstead, Cari, Jack & Carol, Emily, Alex, Pete, John, Chris, Sean, Keli Raven, Dave H, Swingin Thing, Dana, Theresa, MX Machine, Sound Garden, To our families: Tina, Xuandelle, Corin, Saphraine, Karen and all our Moms and Dads.

This one's for William... please stop the killing.

Correspondance: scaterd few c/o Wingless Foe
5654 Cahuenga Bl. #523 N. Hollywood Ca 91601

All praises and glory be to His Highest Magesty Elohim:
Yaweh † Yeshua † Messiah † the Comforting Spirit † forever


By Ramald Domkus
Flesh for ears flesh for eyes deteriorize the godly disguise like weird and gilley wasting away in the trance of their chameleon's messiahcal gaze the spirit is willing the flesh is still weak corpses lay rotting corpses still reek walk in the flesh and your members of sin determine your place your death in the end kill the sarx kill the sarx hang him from the rafters

By Ramald Domkus
smite my affliction incantations strip my members bare kiss me my sin disease contaminate benevolent apathy regurgitate god, damn our enemies annihilate why hanging tree while i was reprobate martyrs obsession not my addiction purge out the rot in me mine sacrifice the sarx in time while reprobate i do recall the silent times of crass justification well i can't tell a lie and if i did i'd surely die reprobate

By Ramald & Omar Domkus
I'm a tired old beggar ragged and torn sleeping fetus shouldn't hurt frail by the wayside little hope for dopes with bottles they say it's twice the joke but in another slumber my heart longers for another God or mammon make your choice baby nearly took me aside i looked around and there was nowhere to hide are you looking for me i was nowhere to find let it be known the ways of men are never right sick on the inside little hope for dopes in bondage Jesus Christ listen again

By Ramald Domkus

SCENE: listen to the life flowing out of my lips one must beseech the truth a little while colour fascination is spreading 'cross the nation facism style / YOUTH: i understand the need for man to clan together but in your haste remember korah like packs of dogs try to run for ever / please stop William the wrong assassination gangs stirs William not cool for boys like me / CLIQUES: unified we might persuade our local terrorist blackened regime heed the cry of a scaterd few like the brother on the berlin wall these walls need knocking too / please stop the killing

LATER (L.A. 1989)
By Ramald, Omar, and Drew Domkus
no one could care in this room if I died right in front of your eyes i'd maybe get a second chance or a smile don't defame with little games the secret ways of Elohim to walk transparent is an order in L.A. - 1989 / but why me? when in distress don't test the spirits of the air or the comforter who guideth mine and i you may not get a second chance or a smile it's like the drums keep breating rhythms to my brain / why me?

By Ramald & Omar Domkus
Groovey (no other lyrics)

By Ramald Domkus
tell me should you be cooked for cookin; the epitome of Inca junkie do it up gonna kick it tomorrow it's horror show for decadents only the parasite is paranoid we'll call him Johnnie Arsie time to beg, steal and cower sucking on a glass god no freedom in basing i can't understand this white line worship it hinders every man to seek a love so infadel son of earth bound heart to hell it really makes me sick HAUS: why do you bask in insecurity infidel apathy your hearts in Babylon to crucify again the one who set me free is everything i want to flee

By Ramald Domkus
as the story goes they never gave me something for the pain they left me by myself to ease the shame to cope with rationality the outcome's quite the same and like the wise man long ago they tried to keep me in the dark to blind my eyes that i would miss the mark the thought of death eternal give these mad men peace of heart as the story grows

By Ramald & Omar Domkus
would you could you should you cross through if i could wipe my eyes a blinding compromise another pinky shave enlightens the brow now cow to die another day if you prefer outside be blessed sir ostracize better bastard now forgotten well instead of flavored son of hell in hopes to open eyes

By Ramald Domkus
behold the principalities that are changing with the move of Yaweh's hand they that understand take heart his refuge is everlasting Yeshua's name be praised the night of sorrow's passing shout from the mountains of Zion freedom cries let it shout across the land every child and woman, man arise oh inhabitant of Zion Jah Adonai

By Ramald Domkus
alias Swaggert, Baker, Jones? Yaweh puppets storming the throne? telling lies with i's from high? i'm the one you can despise keep the facist off my back? i think i'll have a supremist attack? global genocide delete Yeshua can make your life complete Pharasitical through and through what in Hell you gonna do tap my insecurity then blame it on society i'd rather die than blame it on my God

By Ramald Domkus
street stalker under cover of night paranoia carries a knife shut doors that lead to in better open or you'll see in the end an unconquered few or an eternal fire i wonder why i try when i see you reject his authority Jehovah - shammah loves you and me He's knocking at your door don't resist him anymore

By Ramald & Omar Domkus
take heed to my reproof don't reject me cause i'm young we're here for Yaweh's glory and to magnify his son hang on get ready we're headed for armageddon prophetic unfolding we need to work together DITC it's really getting bad don't crucify the media some "born-again" had to make the news we've had the spirits moving to afraid to act upon it? stop the confusion sacrifice your prideful list

By Ramald Domkus
God is right say your prayers if you believe in sect religions who put their trust in men and not Yaweh with tongues they make incisions the hard-core don't take the stench away understand that who you are when you're sitting by yourself is the you you need to sacrifice and not somebody's else take a walk and try to find a meaning behind this cout de etat of Yeshua's way wanna get out there's a sign post up ahead Sterling street have to start all over again God is right and you're wrong

By Ramald & Omar Domkus
she came to me softly with whispers in her hair like a revelation no one could care there was danger everywhere what's it gonna feel like what's it gonna seem like to be a star dancing on silver lakes can you see look into my side take a look

By Ramald & Omar Domkus, Terry Taylor, & Greg Flesch
(no lyrics)

West Coast April 1990
From Liner Notes)

I first met Ramald Domkus and his brother Omar in March of 1983. Ramald had just recently arrived back in the states after doing extensive missionary work in central and South America. While living in Guatemala he'd told me he'd worn out his recording of "Shotgun Angel" through repeated listenings. Of course I was flattered. Ramald handed me a cheap cassette tape and told me it was a demo of his band 'scaterd-few' - would I listen to it and consider producing a record for them? I said I would, slipped it into the devil's triangle of my coat picket, and we went on our seperate ways. Naturally I forgot about the tape until much later. I'm a tad skeptical about all such tapes, but I decided to give it my customary once-over. I had gathered from Ramald's appearance that I wouldn't be hearing any Sandi Patti cover tunes. What I did hear was raw and sloppy, unique, inspired, and utterly exhilarating. It was also (in the vernacular of the record company marketers) "unshoppable." I took the job.

The 'scaterd-few' E.P. was recorded in June of 1983 and for a while it circulated around Christian record companies. We soon learned that as far as distrobution was concerned, no one wanted to touch it. (I wish frontline records had been around in those days - the E.P. would have most certainly seen the light of day). I can't say I was surprised by the record exec's laissez faire attitudes. After all, they were listening to dangerous non-ma-and-pop -Christian-bookstore music - it's lyrical themes were just to \o intensely real. This wasn't some white bread middle class band singing about "the streets" while living in insulated suburban track homes. They didn't wear pre-fab-off-the-rack "punk" clothes from Sears either. Ma and Pa didn't have the record, but the L.A. club underground did. The band and it's E.P. were causing a healthy stir among those who were "in the know", and even to this day 'scaterd-few' have been a buzz in the wire of Contemporary Christian music's own thriving underground.

Now, almost seven years later, the band is back and once again I've had the pleasure of producing the latest from one of the truly great bands around. What will probably strike the listener immediately is the genuiness of "Sin Disease" . The band still calls the mean streets of L.A. it's home, and they write not about speculative or conjectural events, but about what they know - the stuff of real life. The few's themes are drugs, gangs, sex, sin, rock n' roll and the great "through it all" - the sacing grace of Jesus Christ. When Ramald cries out in the haunting "Lights Out" -

"Please stop, William!
The wrong assassination"

he truly does "know whereof he speaks". One hears the utter pain and dispair in that amazing voice, because the anguish is not unconnected to the event. A close friend of Ramald's, just a kid really, was indeed gunned down by gang members in 1989 ("gang bang" is the chilling euphamism used to describe such an event)

"No, I didn't steal anything"
"No, I didn't steal anything"

Listen again to that lucid chameleon voice conjuring up the smoggy hot drudgery of L.A. street hassle. There's more angst here in these two lines than you'll find in an entire Club 88 all night battle of the bands.

Is the Christian community ready for 'scaterd-few'? I certainly hope so. How many truly great bands can we with pride claim as our own? To put the icing on the cake, the live show is guaranteed to peel your grapes. The band won't be without controversy - you can bet your bible belt on that - but these guys are talking to kids no one else is talking to. "S.f." are almost too good to be true - a vibrant, soul altering, no compromise, rubber meets the road street ministry, and the kind of original show stopping music that will win respect across the board- "Christian" and "Secular."

It has been seven years since the band's first E.P. met with very mild success, but I believe 'scaterd-few's' time has come. (As of this writing, my own "Hide the beer the Pastor's here" is #4 on the Christian rock charts. Maybe CCM isn't dead after all, and bands like 'scaterd-few' may actually survive). The Few' certainly won't be everyone's cup of molten lava, but give this fiery record a spin and see if it doesn't put hair on your chest. For my money this may be one of the best of what could be a very interesting year.

-Terry Taylor