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1301 Franklin Facility

The jail is a full service facility with six levels of housing security. It has four basic cell types ranging from single man cells to 24 man dormitories. The staff assigned to a pod control center directly observes the daily living of the inmates in that unit. A state mandated ratio of one Deputy for each forty-eight inmates is maintained.

The facility contains a kitchen, which prepares 13,000 meals a day. There is a large capacity laundry in the basement. Both areas are served by a three bay loading dock on the street level. The basement also contains a satellite medical clinic, a vocational training area, classification functions and court holding. Each floor also has education and chapel areas and shares one of four fresh air recreation areas. Movement and security is provided by Central Security Control, which operates all elevators and perimeter doors remotely. The fully sprinkled building has two large diesel generators, an 80,000 gallon water storage tank and full smoke and fire detection systems. Staff amenities include an Officers Dining Room, break and restrooms on each floor and a fitness and locker area commonly referred to as the Squad Room.

The 850,000 square foot building was ready for occupancy on September 13, 1982. The jail includes thirteen stories, plus a basement and more than 75,000 cubic yards of concrete. It can house approximately 4,000 inmates. The Sheriff’s Administrative Offices and those of Inmate Housing, Human Resources, Patrol, Planning & Evaluation, Technical Services and Medical are also located at 1301 Franklin. Included in the facilities are:

  • Medical area
  • Educational and vocational area
  • Recreational area
  • Kitchen and laundry area
  • Holding facilities for approximately one hundred inmates are in the basement
  • Housing floors are on the third through the twelfth floors

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