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701 North San Jacinto

The newest Sheriff’s Detention Facility is located on 1.5 acres along the north shore of Buffalo Bayou and is one of the largest detention facilities in the United States. It contains 4,000 permanent inmate beds, space for 500 temporary beds and 190 beds for individuals in Community Corrections programs. The entire facility comprises nearly 650,000 square feet.

701 North San Jacinto was the Houston Terminal Warehouse and Cold Storage Facility. It was originally built in the late 1920’s and had been in constant use since it opened. The new jail project underwent a design and planning phase, which was completed in 1989. The cold storage portion was then allowed to thaw and construction began in December. The facility was completed in May 1991, and the first of the training staff moved into offices on the first floor. The first inmates were brought into the building in July, with an official opening in August of 1991. The final cost was $84,000,000, or about $20,000 per bed (less than half the national average).

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