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FBI finds plenty of cash, guns at Martin's home

May 14, 1999

ANN ARBOR - Federal raids on the 11 Detroit area homes, including one belonging to banned University of Michigan booster Ed Martin, produced suspected gambling records, 10 guns, business machines and some drug paraphernalia.

Those raids also turned up cash. Lots of it. In bags. In an automobile. In coat pockets. In dresser and nightstand drawers. In closets. In bathrooms. In safes. More than $165,000.

The FBI is investigating Martin as part of its probe into a gambling ring at Detroit-area Ford plants. The April 28 sweep offered a glimpse into a gambler's world, one that involves a lot of loose cash, paper trails, shredders and fancy automobiles.

According to search warrant reports obtained Thursday in Detroit, agents raiding Martin's home found a loaded .38-caliber pistol, adding machine tapes, lottery ticket books and receipts, a money order either to or from Robert Traylor, some miscellaneous drug paraphernalia and two paper shredders.

The agents also turned up nearly $23,000 in cash, including $9,346 on his person and $13,020 in envelopes and clothes bags in a closet.

A raid on son Carlton Martin's home produced similar items - including tally sheets, lottery tickets and assorted drug paraphernalia. Agents also seized Carlton Martin's Ford Explorer, casino receipts from Las Vegas and $1,800 worth of chips from Casino Windsor.

Carlton Martin had even more loose cash in his Detroit home. Of the nearly $49,000 agents found were $20,000 in two envelopes on the front seat of the Explorer, $15,000 in an upstairs safe, $8,234 in a second-floor desk drawer and $3,000 in a bedroom dresser drawer.

Here are some of the items seized during raids on other homes:

  • A white plastic bag found in the Detroit home of Bennie C. Smith contained 100 $20 bills, 90 $50 bills and 235 $100 bills for a total of $30,000. Another $676 was found in $1 bills in a bedroom safe.

  • $24,978 was found in a safe in the Allen Park home of Jessie Keeser. Another $5,733 was found in Kesser's wallet and pockets. Agents also seized a 1999 Ford Explorer.

  • Three pistols were found in bedrooms in Allen Hall's Detroit home. One of the pistols was loaded. Another pistol had a loaded magazine.

  • $7,000 was found in a bedroom safe and another $3,226 found in a briefcase in the kitchen of the Detroit home of Alfred Smith. Smith also had two adding machines, two fax machines, one paper shredder and two .38 caliber pistols.

  • A photographic spread signed by former U-M player Louis Bullock was taken from the den in the Southfield home of Cecilia Matthews. $10,000 was found in a coat in the master bedroom. Agents also discovered tax returns and various tax documents underneath the mattress in the master bedroom.
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