Slave Traders

in the 1852 Richmond, VA City Directory. 

Note: Not all aucioneers and commission merchants dealt in slaves. 
The "Traders" were almost all slave dealers, 
especially the ones around 17th, 18th Streets.

Slave Traders; Auctioneers:

Abrahams, W: Trader. Northside of Clay St. between 17th & 18th Sts. [p.2]
Alvis, Robert: Trader. West side of 18th, between Broad and Marshall Sts. [p. 15]
Apperson, George W: Trader, private jail in Birch alley. [p.16]
Atkinson, G.W.: Trader, private jail in Birch Alley. [p. 17]
Betts & Omohundro: Traders, southwest corner of Broad & 17th Sts. [p.22]
Cauthorn, R: Auctioneer and commission Merchant. Eastside of 15th below Main St. [p.33]
Davenport, Allen & Co.: Auctioneers and contract merchants, corner of Cary & 5th Sts. 
	(Isaac Davenport: residence on southwest corner of Main and Foushee Sts.) [p.41]
Davis, Benjamin: Auctioneer, Wall St. under City Hotel. Residence on southside 
	of Broad St. between 14th & Mayo Sts. [p.42]
Davis, Hector: Trader, Locust Alley between Main and Franklin St. 
	(Pulliam & Davis) [p.42]
Davis, Solomon: Auctioneer with Benjamin Davis. Residence on northside of 
	Broad between 12th and College St. [p.42]
Dickinson, R.H. & Bro.: Auctioneer. Northwest corner of Franklin and 15th Sts. [p.44]
Dickinson, R.H.: Auctioneer. Residence on Mayo between Franklin and Broad Sts. [p.44]
Dornin, J.J. Auctioneer with Bacon Tait. [p.45]
Dunlop, Moncure & Co.: Auctioneer and Commission Merchants,
	corner of Cary & 11th Sts. [p.46]
Hagan, Hugh: Trader. Eastside of 17th between Broad & Marshall Sts. [p.62]
Hill, C.B. & N.B.: Auctioneers. Southwest corner of Franklin and 15th Sts. [p.66]
Johnson, Thomas M: Trader. Alley near Exchange Hotel. [p.73]
Jones, Thomas: Trader. Southside of Broad between 1st & Foushee Sts. [p.74]
Levy, Ash: Trader. Eastside of 18th St. between Grace and Broad Sts. [p.80]
Lumpkin, Robert: Trader, private jail, Birch alley. [p.82]
Martin, William: Trader. Westside of 17th between Broad and Marshall Sts. [p.86]
Moore, John H: Trader with G.W. Aperson. Birch Alley. [p.91]
Nott, Alexander: & Co.: Auctioneer and Commission Merchants. 
	Southwest corner Main and 15th Sts. [p.94]
Nott, Alexander: Auctioneer & Commission Merchant. Residence on westside of 10th 
	between Main & Cary Sts. [p.94]
Omohundro, S.: Trader. Southest corner of 17th & Broad Sts. & Alley west of Wall & Main and Franklin Sts. [p.95]
Payne, John R.D.: Auctioneer. Eastside of 11th St. between Man and Bank Sts. [p.97]
Price, Dabney: Trader. Eastside of 17th St. between Broad & Marshall Sts. [p.101]
Pulliam & Davis: Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. Westside of Wall St. Near Franklin St. [p.102]
Pulliam, Peter: Trader. Westside of Locust Alley between Main & Franklin Sts. [p.102]
Reese, Samuel: Trader. Eastside of 17th St. between Grace & Broad Sts. [p.104]
Shine, James Nott: Auctioneer. (Alexander & Nott & Co.). Corner of Main and 15th Sts. [p.112]
Slade, B.: Auctioneer. Residence on northside of Grace Between 2nd & erd Sts. [p.112]
Slater, Leonard T.: Trader. Eastside of 17th between Broad and Marshall Sts. [p.113]
Sumner, George J.: Auctioneer & Commission Merchant. East side of 15th between Main & Cary Sts. [p.119]
Tait, Bacon: Private jail, southeast corner of Cary and 15th Sts. [p.120] [see J.J. Dornin, above]
Taylor, James M.: Auctioneer and General Agent. Corner 11th & Bank Sts. 
 	Residence on northside of Clay St. near Brook Avenue. [p.120]
Templeman, H.N.: Trader. Residence on northeast corner of Broad & 11th Sts. [p.121]
Toler, John J.: Trader. Westside Central Railroad between Clay and Leigh Sts. [p.123]
Tucker, Fleming: Trader. Northwest corner of Clay & 18th Sts. [p.125]
Walker, Edwin: Trader, City Hotel. [p.128]

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