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Well here it is one of the most anticipated NFL games for the N64. Last year N64 owners had to choose between two different NFL games that really didn't look as good as they could have and really didn't use the N64 console to it's full ability. So this year the new and updated Madden '99 is the best football game I have seen on any platform and Madden's close rival Acclaim's QuarterBack Club is going to have to be something special to convince frequent football players that it is better than Madden.

The graphics in Madden 99 are stunning, the players have been constructed excellently and so has the atmosphere. I found the graphics to be better than the PSX version and also a tad better than the PC versions graphics, it looks like the whole game has been revamped graphically which was something that needed to be done because the same old graphics in every Madden game were becoming tedious. The 640x480 high resolution makes replays more entertaining than in previous versions of the Madden series. The amount of different player tackles keep Madden 99 from being boring and repetitive, there is only one problem that I found with the graphics and that is that the framerate starts to slow down and it causes the game to be slow.

The sound was not as great as the graphics and I think this was mainly because there is not a lot of commentating going on while your playing, although once in awhile Madden does make a comment. One thing I liked about the sound was the noise the crowd makes, it most certainly adds to the excitement of the game and adds to the realism.

The gameplay is probably the best I have seen in any football game to date, gamers who have played past Madden games will take to the controlling of the game very quickly because it is a familiar setup. Running the ball is now a more impressive part of the game because there is more blocking coverage and it is all about strategy instead of just holding your fingers on the buttons and running forward. If your looking for content then Madden is the game for you, with it's full NFL licensing it gives you access to more than 100 past and present NFL teams, all 30 current NFL teams, 85 all-time and super bowl teams and a whole heap of secret teams.

Overall I think if your a NFL fan and your looking for a game that will entertain you and give you that realism that you need then Madden is definitely the game for you. So far it is my choice as the best NFL game of the year on every platform.


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So far one of the best football games we've come across this year.