The Stolen Clog

One funny episode happened last summer. My wife and I were sitting in a cafe on a sunny summer's day. She had been wearing her only pair of clogs. While we were sitting there a little child was running crawling beneath the tables, some kind of playing. No one had payed attention to him but we should have done. My wife had slipped off her right clog while sitting and some time later she wanted to slip in again. Well, she would have done if there had still been a clog. We joked if the clog had learned to walk alone and looked around us but it was nowhere to be found. Then we remembered the child but meanwhile it was gone. Obviously with my wife's clog. What to do know? Humbling on one clogs would be pretty uncomfortable. But despite that sunny day my wife was wearing pantyhose so she couldn't walk barefeet without completely runing them. So she carefully ‚hopped' to the toilet, took off her pantyhose and came back barefeet with the other clog in her hand. The other guests of this cafe looked astonished.

Now my wife was the owner of one single clog so a few days later she tried to get a second one. But no shop was willing to sell a right clog only. So she bought a new pair and put the single one in our shelves to remind of this funny afternoon.

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