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Note from Mr. Allen - This is an word for word transcription of an audio tape that Way International president Craig Martindale made in the Trustee Conference Room and sent to all Way Corps. It is an angry follow up to his previous "Bribery" letter of March 1997 (see Adobe PDF Documents section). It appears that Martindale did not think that some people were treating him seriously enough. See another photo of room.

This transcript warns of Way followers trying to bribe the Way Corps and being "Sugar Daddies" to them. Martindale says that these gifts are bringing in devil spirits.

God bless you abundantly. This is a tape to our Way Corps. It is 11:15 a.m. Weíre in the Trustee Conference Room - Rosalie, Howard, Don, Donna; Joe Coulter is running the tape. Tom and Barbara Lally and Michael Fort are with us.

Iím all up in arms regarding money again and finances. I donít believe the first letter I sent out has been met with large-scale honesty. I think it is because there are so many old bad habits that itís going to take maybe a ball bat or two to wake you up. The adversary is still infiltrating your Limbs and homes.

The first thing Dr. Wierwille ever taught us about how spirits move in terms of burn the chaff is regarding inanimate objects. Thatís happening in many cases.

And the way itís happening is first with computers. The adversary runs the computer world. I think you might be aware this week what came out in USA Today, that the Social Security System has put all their records on the Internet. So now everyoneís personal finances and paychecks..are all public access.

They did it to save money, because it is apparently cheaper for people to get it through the Internet line. So now theyíve betrayed that confidence.

The spirits pretty much run the computer world. And weíve developed a competitive mind-set among the Limb Leaders on getting computers. Because Iím telling you, you better listen to me if you want a ministry before God to still be functioning. I saw in the 70's the same stuff start going when John Lynnís father bought The Way of Indiana Limb Home--a mansion, and everyone started "believing God" for a nicer Limb home. Thatís what you guys think youíre doing when youíre getting computers. Not honestly through the framework of making requests to your leadership to the end that we can make a decision whether to buy you one, but youíre accepting gifts. Weíve got five or six examples that we know of right now where people are offering to give you computers--old business computers, old personal computers--and in some cases theyíre offering to buy the Limb a computer that somehow you have made them think you need. You guys are not being honest. Thatís bribery. I donít care if it didnít cost The Way Ministry technically a nickel, technically you are accepting bribes; you are hiding from us what you think you need. Many of you are living under delusions. You donít need a computer to run a Limb of 54 people some of you guys! Men and women! And I donít know what youíre doing on your personal life! People offer you things and you take it. You are inviting the spirits into your home.

I Timothy 4:15 and 16 tells us to meditate upon these things. Give ourselves wholly unto them. Do you know what thatís talking about? Deceiving spirits in the first verse, and doctrines of devils and how people get their consciences seared with a hot iron. Thatís what itís telling us to meditate deeply on. And Iím trying to get your attention on finances. Been yelling at the ministry on tithing and debt and abundant sharing for years; sent you that letter out; some of you subtly are doing the exact same thing that Corps guy did in meetings begging people to give you things. They come over to your house. You lack certain things, and itís obvious to them. Youíre making sure you meet in those rooms where you lack furniture or you lack wall hangings, and down in the depths of your mind, some of you are just wanting people to offer to give you stuff. So they walk up and offer to give stuff to you, and you are a sitting duck for whatever devil spirit that infiltrated that piece that you accept. And you cover it in your mind by saying youíre believing God. Thatís an old wineskin. You cover it in your mind by saying "this is self-governing." You cover it in your mind by saying "Iím saving the ministry money because theyíre giving me this." Itís dishonest. If you think itís a need then you convince your overseer.

And if our overseers, which right now I have very little confidence in you guys making honest decisions. I might have to start at the Trustee level showing you how to think again.

If we have to make the decisions, then we will run every Limb from here in that regard. You can teach the Bible and weíll make the real decisions that keep your thing clean! Iím talking to 47 Limbs. Iím telling you to meditate upon these things.

I know of one situation where someone got a clergy discount--100% clergy discount. Computers were given free because youíre clergy. We were not checked with. I was not asked. Itís under my responsibility. Itís a bribe. Dr. Wierwille taught me in the Corps that when he was in Van Wert, all the businesses offered clergy discounts. He wouldnít accept it. He said it was an insult. He paid full price. He would not accept it. It was a bribe and an insult. Thatís the way I feel about you guys accepting gifts on equipment and machinery that you say you need to do the work of The Way Ministry. It is an insult. I am offended so deeply I could not scream loud enough to convince you by the tone of my voice. God is offended. You are wrong. And you accept it without asking, without checking. Some of you have informed the Trunk, and theyíve made some bad decisions. Weíll get it straight from our end. You get it straight from your attitude. You shouldnít even be considering accepting a gift that you think you need to run the ministry. Say no thank you; you want to buy me something, put it in the abundant sharing.

My need is met abundantly, personally and in ministry leadership needs abundantly by the household of The Way Ministry. I donít want you accepting any gifts from anybody, especially dealing with running the ministry. Because youíre not doing it correctly and youíre opening the door to spirit infiltration. You say itís believing God; Iím telling you youíre accepting bribes. You say itís self-governing--the Limb just running itself. You ainít running it right. And Iím spiritually responsible for the ministry.

At least we know about this: Some guy in the household got four computers in a warehouse, making them available to a Region. Four Limb Leaders were given computers--thatís another situation. Thatís worse. They accepted them without checking with us. So if they did, you guys made the wrong decision.

The one situation in my mind is the guy I dropped from the Corps a few years ago, offering the computers. If you would have asked me, I would say no. That guy ainít clean. Not to me. I wouldnít accept anything from that guy. You do not have but a fraction of a clue of what I mean by oversight. Itís bribery. You are getting contaminated. You are not meditating upon these things, considering them deeply and then taking a stand. At least you could think it through enough to have some doubts; therefore you should kick it up to your overseer for help.

Sugar Daddies--you know the term? Somebody pays your way through life as a special favor. Some of you have Sugar Daddies. They always drop you a few extra bucks. Youíve started to depend on it. Weíve even had examples of people paying vacations for you. It could come through families; a lot of itís coming right out of the household, and you should refuse those gifts. You should take a stand and take charge of your life spiritually and quit the contamination. No Sugar Daddies.

We pay for what you need by the abundant sharing of the believers. Which means theyíre paying for it anyway. We have the privilege to steward it and see that itís utilized properly. This thing was one of the first things I got on when I got on the Trustees. I started yelling about vendorís gifts. Guys that worked for departments or ran Cabinet areas back in the early 80's that would get gifts from the vendors that we bought food from, or we bought equipment from. Theyíd give them stationery, pens, jackets. Bribery.

We are watching over stuff--even pork rinds and a packet of pens were sent to me to decide what to do with them. What are you doing? I made a decision. Itís clean. Itís blessed. Youíre accepting gifts mindlessly from Sugar Daddies and youíre bringing spirits into your life and into your families. Itís very subtle in many ways. People babysit your kids and buy them stuff. Have some self-respect. Thatís an insult to you and The Way Ministry.

You can meet your kidsí needs. If theyíre not met, you tell us why not and you tell us what you need and you give us the privilege to make a decision without devil-spirit influence. Thereís a great positive side to gifts if you keep yourself clean, and I just think right now youíve got to tighten your belt, and you almost have to refuse even personal gifts for a while to get yourself on the mark. Be gracious.

Someone will offer you a gift and youíll say, "Well Rev. Martindale doesnít want us taking those anymore." Iíll fire you as soon as I hear about it. If you donít agree with me on this, get out of my ministry. Iíll run every Limb in this God-forsaken country if thatís what it takes.

I am very angry, and I think God is very disgusted, and I think you people had better wake up. Some of you have become contaminated vessels, like II Timothy 2 tells you not to be. It says flee youthful lusts. If us old folks are so beguiled by the luxuries of life that we have grown accustomed so that we have grown blind to this, then there is only one alternative, to put young kids in those positions that havenít yet experienced those luxuries, and then as soon as theyíre 30 or 35, Iíll fire them and weíll put new 22-year-olds in. Everything they screw up out of their immaturity will be worth it to keep our ministry spiritually clean from the perverse spirits and the slumber spirits. The sordid spirits, some of the filthiest, have come in on financial wrongdoings.

Maybe Iíve got 47 Limb Leadersí attention now and the Corps in the state. I think for a stop-gap method, on honorariums, you should tell people to just get you a small gift under $20; I donít want you spending any more than that, and just give a nice gift. You donít want cash. My need is supplied. Just receive a small gift under $20. Thatís what you need to do.

One Region Leader wrote a memo, thought it was going to bless me. Where he went through it with his Corps and they went through all the Scriptures, and no, we donít have this problem. I know right out of that Region some of these things are happening on computer giveaways. Shouldnít even be thinking about it. Youíre trying to compete with each other how many fancy logos you can do, or lighthouses. We donít have enough work for all that equipment.

Anything awkward that has anything to do with your job as a minister should be refused graciously, and if you feel it is a valid offer, you should get clearance from the Trunk level. So take it to the Limb. If the Limb Leader feels itís valid, take it to the Region Leader, then to the Trunk. Even a pencil holder or a stapler. Accept nothing. Youíre getting selfish and competitive. Itís so subtle some of you donít even want to admit it.

No Sugar Daddies. You give them the Word; they share of their abundance with the household, and we supply your need. And if somehow thatís not working then letís get honest. We have never been stingy. If youíre living without something, then youíre being a martyr, and thatís evil. Thatís an icon. If you men are wearing the same suit every Sunday, then youíre begging for contributions by the way you live and the slovenliness of your thinking.

I donít know what to do with some of you that have other income--pensions, retirement funds, family endowments or inheritances or trusts. At the least you should be drawing very little salary to live off your familyís money. If you feel contaminated to take your familyís money, then give it back! Get yourself cleaned up. No emotional reaction. It would have to be well-thought through. For large amounts of money, you would want our advice. Youíre a full-time minister, then weíre supposed to be taking care of you. If youíve been covering up money from other incomes, thatís where Iíd have to get very upset with you, and God cannot be blessing your ministry and capable and able to bless your people that are abundantly sharing because your contamination is cutting off their blessings. I think this is one reason why we still canít get people to stay faithful abundantly sharing, and we have to every once in a while lecture them again--the dishonesty at the leadership level. Bad habits. Iím not saying itís cognizant dishonesty, but it better get cognizant. These are old wineskins. If you think by people giving you stuff youíre helping the ministry, thatís a lie. No longer a valid concept from the start. If it is, itís an exception; the decision would be by revelation. And youíre not thinking soundly enough to receive that revelation, so you better allow us to. I have not been blinded by this even through the fog years.

It is not believing God to get people to give you stuff; to ask your family to pay for a medical procedure you need because the ministry wonít pay it. That came up a few months ago. Someone needed help, and they were asking other believers to give them a special gift to help them pay for stuff, and theyíre on Staff. Theyíre at a Root Locale. Itís practical error, which will become doctrinal error as people harden themselves. So we have to quit deceiving ourselves.

So I got a memo: "We donít have a problem. Thank you for the Scriptures. In terms of your honorarium decision, if this is a problem, then fine. Shut it down." That "if" stood out in capital letters in my heart. How can a Region, Limb Leader; a Corps person question whether what I wrote in that letter is a problem? I just told you it was a problem and gave examples, even things from my personal life. And then he would be so slovenly about a letter he writes me about a subject so critical, that he would put an "if," questioning whether Iím really upset about anything of value.

If all things are clean, unsolicited, giving of people to bless you, it could be OK, but weíre at such a bad state in this, I canít accept that at any level on your say-so. Especially dealing with ministry needs. Tell the farmer to sell his produce he wanted to give you and abundantly share it out of his profits.

Itís a cloak of covetousness--Thessalonians and II Peter. Itís a cloak of greed. Itís a pretense. You saying Iím believing God and saving the ministry time, effort, and money by getting these things given to us. You say this is just a Limb or Branch being self-governing; itís become a cloak of covetousness, and through inanimate objects or Sugar Daddies, the spirits are getting in.

Some of you still have stuck in the back of your minds that evil, possessed statement John Townsend made at Corps Fellowship when the Patriarch was dumped: "Dr. Wierwille never meant for the money to come to Headquarters. He meant for it to stay in the states, and we decide on the state-level how to spend it." That was a lie. The Trustees saw that the adversary is too sharp, too tough. People cannot possibly make sound decisions in this jungle of the love of money as the root of all evil.

Some of you still have that in your mind--that youíre capable of stewarding 100% of the money that you engender in your state. Thatís a delusion. If we didnít send them our tapes, and do what we do from here, how much would you engender? If you think you could steward it, youíre under a spirit of delusion--spirit of slumber is working its way into your brain if you donít wake up. If you get possessed in financial matters, how could you be trusted anyway?

People were not telling us they had need, but asking people to pay for their hospital trips, etc., instead of working it through the household and allowing us the privilege to use the money that people give for that very purpose--to meet your need so you can be a full-time minister. Itís so wrong, so evil.

I think Iíve hit every aspect of it. I think you have to go through in your heart and your discussions with your Corps where you need to slam the door shut on the enemy.

At the Trustee level weíve brought up how to help our employees who have college-age kids. Weíve never been able to do it. Now I know why: still too much dishonesty. I know Godís got a way we could help your kids. Itís directly on how youíre handling ministry need and ministry expenditures. Youíre not spending too much. Youíre not keeping it spiritually clean on the decisions youíre making. Itís dealing with accepting bribes; therefore youíre not giving us an honest portrayal of what your need is so we canít possibly make an honest decision. Youíre causing us to sin. You cause the Lordís people to abhor the offering.

They donít really believe that when they increase the proportion theyíre going to get blessed back. They donít believe that abundant sharing is the best investment of their money they could possibly make. Why gamble in the stock market, when the greatest investment, return, is sharing their abundance with The Way Ministry? The greatest return, documented, comes back with their investment in The Way Ministry. Yet people donít really believe that. I think some of this is why they still donít believe it yet, because youíre allowing the adversary to still cut their blessings off. I think this is the greatest reason why we donít see the signs and wonders we should be seeing. Itís financial lying.

Donít you dare yell at people in a Twig or Branch about money. You donít bring up money until I tell you you can. You drill yourself and your Corps. Keep it within the Corps household and get ourselves clean, and Iíll let you know when itís time to teach the people again about debt or giving or bribery. Or you listen to what I do on a Sunday to know whether you got a green light.

I love you and youíre Godís best. Iíve said some very adamant, abrupt things. But theyíre true. Iím not just venting. Iím talking about real problems.

I think in all 47 Limbs, thereís weakness somewhere. It wonít be in the same category. We have to look at the giveaway. This thinking is not correct. You just basically refuse them, unless you really do need it, then get our help in making that decision. Iím not saying unplug the computers, but in some cases that might be a valid point--unplug them and put them in the closet until you get straight on it.

This stuff is real. Itís so hidden, covered, subtle. I know everything Iíve said is valid, but once the spiritual heat is over, you almost wonder how it could be that potentially devastating. Thatís why God has manifestations and why He works in us. At the point youíve got that guidance, nothing can talk you out of it. You deal with it once you recognize it, and then deal with what God wants you to do. Example: Mary saying be it unto me...then the angel departed; the revelation was over. God stays right on you. Discerning of spirits: God keeps jelling in you until you take action and eradicate it. Then itís over with. Example: Dr. Wierwille and pain in ovaries. The pain stayed until he dealt with it.

I think that about covers it. We need a more honest response to this thing. Itís the Corps household. I donít want it leaking outside. I love you, and this is our problem right now and letís get straight on it. Letís burn those old wineskin habits of giveaway, welfare logic and calling it believing God, and letís really be up front and honest about what we feel is a genuine need.

We decided that these people weíre dropping from the Corps, weíre not going to move them outside of a 250-mile radius. We will finance local moves. Those who are now alumni should stay under the leadership who smoked them out. Youíre the ones that are going to help them the best. They should stay under the Region jurisdiction, at the very least, whoís confronted them. The adversary is trying to milk us, hurt us financially on these released Corps. All they had to do was rise up and discipline themselves, and they wouldnít be facing these things.

So many of these people weíve dropped since January should be active Corps. They have the ability; itís just pure slothfulness. It would be stupid to invite them back in residence. Theyíve had their shot. After all this time of confrontation, what proof do I have theyíll overcome their problems if they come back in residence? Released two couples from Corps during LEAD program--Corps with spouses. People can hide for years--stubbornness, treasonous mind-sets. Weíre bringing a few back in residence this year, but weíll see.

Eli heard what God told Samuel. He said "Itís the Lord. Let Him do what He sees fit." Didnít have any energy to fight, be humble. He just conceded the consequences. What these old Corps have done. So why bring them back in residence? I am more hurt than they are that theyíve blown their call to be a minister. I donít know how to recover it. Theyíre just embarrassed. They donít feel spiritually bad like I do and you do. Even if they are in the household, thatís a very small consolation. Some of them, this is the only thing that got their attention to start working on their personal problems. But they have blown ministries. They ainít supposed to be faithful disciples but ministers. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Itís a constant pain in my soul. Dr. Wierwille was so hurt when clergy copped out. Iíve covered for the majority by saying God called them as a Twig coordinator, but weíre at a point now where that logic doesnít fit. If they donít have the ability to be leaders of 10s, etc., they wouldnít still be Corps. Theyíre just blowing ministries.

God had to tell Samuel to quit mourning over Saul and get busy. Thatís the answer and what I did. I just bring it up as a teaching illustration, but it cuts you so deeply. You canít totally explain it, but you make approximations of where a manís mind should be. Eli had no willingness to get his soul clean. Samuel could have been his salvation. I donít think Eli will be in the resurrection of the just. But he was genuinely called. He blessed Hannah. But they give up; they quit. Iím not saying run them all off. Thatís Godís business ultimately to deal with. It all starts with practical error. If people harden themselves then it becomes doctrinally error and then their conscience gets seared. If it wasnít for incorruptible seed, theyíd be in the lake of fire. Theyíre going to have a rough time facing up to their lack of faithfulness. You know itís true. You have to use everything you can to wake people up, to accept the consequences of what theyíre doing. Iím trying to get their attention, and then they have to make a decision to love God. That recovers them out of the snare of the adversary.

We should never forget the lesson: you should never want to succumb to practical error, because it isnít a snap to get out of it. It takes work. The mind doesnít change overnight. Emotional reaction to truth doesnít mean your mind has changed a bit. It just means you are alerted. Now you must drive yourself against the old wineskin. Use the rod of correction on your own brain. Set a boundary and donít go outside of it for a while. Revelation goes above and beyond the written Word--now it will be much easier to see what is revelation and what is just my mind jumping to things that are old. Your old Limb Leaders did some of these things; thatís why you still think itís valid, but it isnít. Keep it at armís length until you get sound reasoning of whatís right. Now you can recognize revelation if you get it on a valid exception.

At times it would be beautiful if a believer gave you a gift, but not now. Be sure you especially go through this one.