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HEME IRON that iron found ONLY in blood based food .. has been SHOWN to be absorbed at ALL times of iron status.
The body has been shown to have an upper LIMIT which controls its' iron STORES . Heme iron therefore causes the body to absorb MORE than it can handle .. SAFELY. The body has no way to effectively remove iron once it gets in.

The appearance of iron .. free iron in the body has the same result as the iron which is given to you by your doctor in order to correct your anemia.

Your doctor either infuses / injects iron into your vein or he gives you iron supplements which raise the levels of iron.

The appearance of iron .. free iron .. signals the body to produce red blood cells .. which in turn the body does exactly what it has been told to do .. increase production of red blood cells.

This is called erythrocytosis .. increased production of erythrocytes .. red blood cells.

The medical profession has quite a large window in which it will either treat or not treat what they consider to be increased red blood cells.

In fact studies have shown the amount of red blood cells considered and shown to be detrimental in women .. decreased live birth / pregnancy complications .. is well below the cutoff marker used by doctors to even CONSIDER the fact they are to be treated for excessive red blood cell mass / too many red blood cells.

Too many red blood cells leads to increased red blood cell destruction .. and this leads to a buildup of iron in the spleen and kidneys and other organs.

There are many theories as to the cause of disease and this is one.

The iron from the meat we eat builds to toxic levels in the body and causes all disease.

There are many ways this is manifested , be it the 'feeding' of cancer , bacteria or virus' , or the lack of antioxidants in the body for the very basics of human immune response.

Since elevated iron in the body leads to massive levels of  RUST / oxidation one would conclude either the removal of said iron or the attack of the rust produced by the iron would be in order?


BUT I'M .. ANEMIC .. ?


Here you will find a substance which has been shown to be effective in the removal and the quenching of  the rust occuring as a result of the elevated levels of iron in the body .

You will also find studies which support the use of  this substance and these studies have been conducted by the greatest minds of the day and the articles are to be found in the greatest medical database in the world.



Iron is the regulator of red blood cell production. When iron appears in serum the body recognizes it and begins its' process of recycling what it thinks / believes to be a destroyed red blood cell.

It creates a NEW red blood cell.

When the body produces TOO MANY red blood cells it is called erythrocytosis.

I have placed this page as a means for a person to conveniently begin the steps one needs to take to regain health or offset the progressive destruction caused by elevated iron levels in the body.

Elevation of iron levels lead to problems easily seen by medical researchers. These elevated levels of iron many times are not fully rendered safe until they are fully depleted as evidenced in medical studies.


Therefore the level of iron in your body which your doctor most likely  considers safe has been shown in many studies to be actually causing problems.

Studies have shown definite associations between elevated iron levels and almost all disease if one considers iron is a prime producer of  rust / oxidation / free radicals  / reactive oxygen species. This rust has been considered by many of the greatest minds to be the underlying cause to be very basis of human processes .. aging.



There are various websites which supply quality assured natural phytic acid which removes , offsets and diminishes the effects of elevated iron and free radicals / rust in the body.

phytic acid / Ip6 / inositol hexakisphosphate