FREE FOR ALL The Skills Pool
Founded in 1975 by Richard Johnson, FREE FOR ALL continues to give Los Angeles area residents unlimited access to hundreds of valuable services of all kinds, supplied by the members to one another at no charge.

Services are
freely shared--not traded. Each member commits to provide service upon request, up to the weekly maximum she or he stipulated upon joining. There's no maximum applying to services used.

The small membership fee is covered by an ironclad guarantee.

Members offer the full gamut of services: professional, technical, artistic, instructional, domestic, and blue-collar. Anything useful is welcome, as long as it's offered without charge of any kind. (Out-of-pocket expenses are however paid by the receiving member.)

health care services include acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage,  weight control, herbal expertise, and membership in our free dental plan. In addition, members offer tax preparation, computer help, high-end haircutting, veterinary services, legal work, astrology, desktop publishing, and hundreds of other free services. Our travel agent rebates his entire commission to you.
You may join by check or
credit card. For full details, the list of current services, and a registration form, simply click the Next button and supply the requested information...or call:

       (818) 708-SAVE [708-7283]
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