Coin of Elagabalus

One philosopher goes shirtless; another bookless; a third, only half-clad, says, "Bread have I none, yet still I cleave to REASON." For my part, I too have no fruit of my learning, and yet cleave to her.

-- Marcus Aurelius Antoninus --

A warm welcome to HelioGabby's Home Page.

This page contains an assortment of links to some favorite places on the Web, having to do with the Emperor Elagabalus or with the ancient/classical world, generally, but nothing to do with me.

For a really good time, however, visit HELIOGABBY'S BATH HOUSE and its ELECTRONIC LIBRARY -- a shocking collection of historical texts, including works by Aelius Lampridius, Cassius Dio, Lucian, Edward Gibbon, James G. Frazer, J. Stuart Hay, H. L. Mencken, Athenaeus, Procopius, Seneca, and probably some others who slip my mind at the moment.

  • Crazy CAESARS of Rome: an HOMAGE to Heliogabalus and other "statesmen"
  • COINS of Elagabalus: from A Monetary History of the Roman Empire
  • II PARTHIAN LEGION: The Centre for Severan Studies.
  • SEVERAN family tree
  • Clemens' Canonical List of ROMANS: a treasury of good-humored misinformation.
  • The Roses of Heliogabalus: (great Windows95 wallpaper by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema), DISCUSSION of this painting's significance.
  • ELAGABAL: an intimate encounter with "the man behind the curtain."
  • SOLAR FOLKLORE: "The Sun is a mass of fiery stone, a little larger than Greece."
  • Traditions of MAGIC in Late Antiquity
  • Apuleius' DEFENSE (Apologia), in English
  • Women's LIFE in Greece and Rome: a fine collection of ancient writings
  • METRO'ON: "Ancient Spirituality," with a vengeance
Hieronymus Bosch

Leave thine home, O YOUTH, and seek out alien shores: a larger range of life is ordained for thee. Yield not to misfortune; the far-off Danube shall know thee, the cold North-wind, and the untroubled kingdoms of Canopus, and the men who gaze on the new birth of Phoebus or upon his setting: he that disembarks on distant sands, becomes thereby the greater man.

  • Roman BALL GAMES: fun
  • TOGA PARTY: a guide for beginners
  • Johan's Guide to APHRODISIACS
  • The Roman ORGY Page (ancient recipes)
  • Greco-Roman FOOD: "A Taste of the Ancient World"; undergraduate culinary exhibit
  • The JOHNS of Rome: concise article by Ms. Elizabeth Cook
  • Roman BATHS: a selection of ancient & modern texts, with photos and illustrations

"Street Musicians," from the Villa of Cicero, Pompeii

Wine & bath-house sensualities steepen the downward slope.

House of Venus, Pompeii

Sailor, ask not whose this tomb: may you fare on seas more calm.


He knew how death hunts at distance; dug his own grave with both hands and heart scornful of mortal childishness. May the SUN of such wisdom shine long beneath the Sun.


Inspirational Thought
People believe a little too easily that the function of the sun is to help the cabbages along.
Gustave Flaubert

We're all Heliogabalus.
Kilgore Trout